Springtime | © Erlebnisregion Graz | Mias Photoart Springtime | © Erlebnisregion Graz | Mias Photoart
    Worthwhile at any time of year

    The region of Graz throughout the seasons

    365 days full of highlights: The region of Graz is worth visiting at any time of the year. Blooming flowers in spring, water fun in summer, hiking happiness in autumn or snow action in winter: Graz is an all-year destination!


    The region of Graz in bloom

    In spring, the flowers are in bloom and the local tourist attractions are buzzing with new energy. The perfect time to venture outdoors!

    For instance, how about a nice picnic?
    You don’t even have to pack the picnic hamper yourself. Instead, just order one from Gundis Laden in St. Radegund and enjoy it at one of the region’s best picnic spots, for instance: at Austrian Sculpture Park in Premstätten, at the Austrian Open-Air Museum in Stübing, at the vineyard of Genusstreffpunkt Höfer in Weinitzen, at one of the many parks of Graz, at an Alpine pasture in the west of the region (particularly recommended when the alpine roses are in bloom)  

    To ski or no to ski, that is the question
    Nature awakens and days start to get longer. While you can still enjoy great sunshine skiing at Salzstiegl, or you can already go cycling in other parts of the province. 

    Cycling highlights in spring:

    •  a leisurely bike ride for e-bikers and sporty touring cyclists 
    •  a season kick-off on the Mur Cycling Path 
    •  a tour to the Lipizzanerheimat region or to the north of Graz 
    •  a training ride at Schöckl Trail Area 
    •  the crazy cross-biker “Stubalpen MTB Marathon“ in May

    A star is born
    At Piber stud farm, spring is the most exciting time of the year. That’s because the young Lipizzan horses are born in spring – about 40 black foals every year. Black? Yes, that’s right! The famous horses become lighter with age. 
    Did you know? Piber stud farm is listed as an Intangible Cultural World Heritage by UNESCO. At numerous events such as the Foal Experience Days or the Mother’s Day event, you get the chance to catch a first glimpse of the stars of tomorrow. 

    Genusstreffpunkt Höfer | © Erlebnisregion Graz | Mias Photoart
    Clock Tower Graz | © Graz Tourism | Harry Schiffer
    Lipizzaner Stud Farm | © Die Abbilderei Sajovic&Scherr GesbR | Die Abbilderei


    Outdoor bliss in Styria

    Summer is the perfect time to get active outdoors. For instance, during hiking or cycling or while exploring fascinating tourist attractions. 

    Sommerfest | © TV Region Graz | Mias Photoart

    Music’s in the air

    Summer in Styria is full of music, dance and festivities. It goes without saying that these get-togethers usually involve plenty of culinary delights. As far as music genres are concerned, you can find everything from Jazz to Rock. Plus, the concert venues of the region are just as varied as the music performed there.

    Does this sound like music to your ears? For more detailed information on summers full of music in the region of Graz, consult our event calendar.   

    event calendar


    a flurry of colours in the region of Graz

    Colourful autumn is a great time to get active outdoors – whether it’s with your bike or e-bike, on the region’s hiking trails or during a road trip along the Schilcher Wine Road

    „The meaning of travel is to arrive, the meaning of hiking is to be on the road.“
    Theodor Heuss

    Hiking to scenic vantage points 
    The meaning of travel is to arrive, the meaning of hiking is to be on the road. At least, that’s what former President of the Federal Republic of Germany Theodor Heuss thought.
    Hiking is an excellent opportunity to experience the autumnal colours of Styrian nature from up close while fuelling up on vitamin D3 and endorphins. Autumn hikes are not primarily about pushing your limits and conquering the highest summits. They are more about getting active out in the fresh air and about doing something beneficial for your body and mind.

    Hiking highlights in autumn
    for all those looking for a bit of a challenge 
    “Wanderbares Semriach”
    hiking trails in OberGraz (e.g. the “four one-thousand-metre summits hike”)
    Schöckl mountain in St. Radegund 
    Alpine pasture hikes in the Steirische Rucksackdörfer and Lipizzanerheimat regions

    for all those who love water
    spring trails in St. Radegund
    Kesselfall gorge 
    Lurgrotte cave 
    water-themed trail in Übelbach

    for fans of Sebastian Kneipp and Hildegard von Bingen
    sebastian RELOADED® trail in Laßnitzhöhe
    nature trail in Weinitzen
    planets trail in Eggersdorf

    Gamskogel | © TV Region Graz | Mias Photoart
    Hiking at Rappold | © TV Region Graz | Friedrich Kaltenegger
    sebastian RELOADED® | © Erlebnisregion Graz | Tom Lamm
    © Graz Tourism | Tom Lamm

    Autumn delights

    Culinary autumn treats   
    The culinary autumn treats of the Graz region are as varied as the Styrian landscapes. Enjoy Styrian delicacies fresh from the region’s kitchens and wine cellars served at rustic wine taverns or some tasty roasted “Kestn” (chestnuts) with a glass of light pink Schilcher wine along the Schilcher Wine Road. Plus, many autumnal events invite you to enjoy the region of Graz in this pleasant season. 

    Event highlights in autumn
    •    ceremonial driving down of the Lipizzan horses from the mountain pastures
    •    autumn parade in Piber 
    •    Alpine parish fairs in the Lipizzanerheimat region
    •    “Altweibersommer” at Sensenwerk Deutschfeistritz scythe forge museum
    •    traditional events at Stübing Open-Air Museum 
    •    Autumn Festival in Semriach 

    Events in the region


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