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Crystal-clear lakes, thundering waterfalls

The waters of the Murau region

Surrounded by lush green Alpine pastures, hidden in forests or nestled amid rocks and summits you can find the natural lakes of the Murau region. Whether it’s high up in the mountains or down in the valley – the region’s lakes are unrivalled natural highlights.

The “water world” of Murau consists of 40 lakes spread across the region, among them the Zwiefler lakes, Lake Schattensee and Lake Etrachsee. Other lakes such as Furtnerteich or Rottenmanner Teich are smaller but no less spectacular. Talking about spectacular things: The wild Günster waterfall with its 65-metre fall height is a sight to behold.

The lake map gives you an overview of all bodies of water in the Murau region.

The picturesque lake and pasture plateau of Turrach

The three mountain lakes at Turracher Höhe are popular attractions and natural gems. The 3-lakes trail is the perfect hiking route to experience their beauty.

With a surface area of 19.4 hectares, Lake Turracher See  is the biggest of the three lakes. It is located at 1,780 above sea level and has an average depth of 13.6 metres.

A bit further east of Lake Turracher See, you can find Lake Schwarzsee. It is located at 1,840 metres above sea level and is bordered by high moors in the north and south. With a surface area of 2.6 hectares, it’s significantly smaller than Lake Turracher See.

Southeast of Turracher Höhe, at 1,765 metres above sea level, you can find the smallest and most romantic of the three lakes, Lake Grünsee. It has a surface area of 0.5 hectares and beautifully reflects the surrounding larch trees and stone pines.

Lake Leonharditeich in Murau

Romantic Leonharditeich invites you to kick back and relax at its shores. It’s a perfect place to have a picnic and a leisurely walk. The path leads you past Hungerturm with its viewing platform and offers you picturesque views of late-Gothic St. Leonhard’s Church.

The second stage of the popular Mur Cycle Path also runs through Murau, giving beer lovers the chance to enjoy a cool drink in the Medieval beer brewing city.

Beautiful Wildenkar lakes in Krakau

From one mountain lake to the next – doesn’t this sound lovely? The outstanding beauty of Lake Unterer Wildenkarsee (1,891 metres above sea level) and Lake Oberer Wildenkarsee (2,053 metres above sea level) is a magical sight for any hiker passing by.

The path to the two gorgeous mountain lakes runs from Lake Etrachsee to Rudolf-Schober hut and offers you splendid views.

Quiet Lake Auerlingsee in St. Lambrecht

In a forest at the foot of Grebenzen mountain, you can find mysterious Lake Auerlingsee. Located at 1,315 metres above sea level, the quiet lake is perfect for taking a refreshing dip.

Shaped by the Ice Age, this scenic resting place is a great starting point for hikes up the Grebenzen. What’s more, the lake is also popular with fishermen and dog walkers.

Magical Lake Podolerteich in St. Blasen

Right in the forests of Nature Park Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen, hidden away at 1,050 metres above sea level, lies Lake Podolerteich. The lake’s serene surface beautifully reflects the surrounding high fir and larch trees, inviting you to let your thoughts wander.


The Günster waterfall is considered a natural monument and is one of the most beautiful box seats in the entire Niedere Tauern region.

The mighty roar of the Ursprungbach stream accompanies visitors in the Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park all the way to the cascading waterfall.

Refreshing moments in the Murau region