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Winter activities in the Murau region

Fun, variety and lots of loud laughter are guaranteed in the Murau region, even away from the ski slopes! Because the range of winter activities you can do there is vast and varied. Sledging, ice skating, Alpine curling or archery are just a few of the many highlights.

Sledging in the Murau region

Snow-covered trees, sun-kissed slopes, and fresh mountain air: Sledging in the Murau region makes the eyes of all family members light up. On secured sledging runs, you’ll enjoy a fun ride past snow-covered trees and snow cornices all the way down into the valley. You can rent a sledge at Tonnerhütte or stop there for refreshments.

A unique experience: BERGaufRODELN (“uphill sledging”) at Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park. Sledgers are pulled up the mountain by a drag lift.

By the way: On selected dates, BERGaufRODLEN also takes place at night!

At Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park, there is another route where safety is a top priority: The 4.5-kilometre natural sledging run takes you from Grebenzenhaus down to the bottom of Grebenzen. Convenient: You can get to the starting point of the run by taking the sledgers’ bus.

From the Panorama mountain station (at 2,000 metres above sea level), the Nocky Flitzer alpine rollercoaster takes you through a fragrant pine forest towards the valley – all whilst enjoying a view of Lake Turrach. Its destination is Turracher Höhe at 1,763 metres above sea level. The great thing about it: The rollercoaster is open in winter and in summer!

Sledging in the Lachtal valley and on Kreischberg

In a good mood and with fresh snow under your runners, you can head from Hirzmann Alm down into the Lachtal valley. The floodlit, one-and-a-half-kilometre natural sledging run can be reached on foot or by sledgers’ taxi. And it’s well worth a visit: You’ll swoosh through the romantic winter landscape in the moonlight. Your constant companions: laughter and delightful feelings of holiday happiness!

Helpful information for night sledgers:

Good to know: If the snow conditions permit, you can also sledge down a snow-covered slope in the Murau-Kreischberg region. Rental sledges are available at the Kreischberg valley station.

3D archery course and husky sledding

86 targets to hit safely with a trained eye and a steady hand: On the 3D winter archery course, you can not only explore the region’s picturesque nature but also compete with your companions and showcase your marksmanship.

Four paws, two runners and lots of snow: Riding in the back of a dog sled in the Murau region is something you simply have to experience! Just like in the north of Europe, huskies pull the sledge including its passengers through the wintry landscape.

Ice skating and curling

Ice skating in the cold season is a true insider tip in the Murau region. At an ice rink or at a natural pond: This winter activity is the perfect change from skiing. You’re a newcomer to the sport? Just give it a try – you’ll love it!

An ice sport that enjoys great popularity in Styria is Alpine curling. Alpine curling has a long-standing tradition in the Murau region. Old and young alike enjoy this leisure activity in winter.

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Eisstockschießen | © ikarus.cc
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Eisstockschießen in der Region Murau

In the Murau region there are a large number of ice stock rinks available. Please register with the respective provider...
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Ice Park | © Martina Brunner
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Ice Park Greimarena

The ice rink in St. Peter am Kammersberg is the only ice rink in the entire Murau district with cooling (artificial...
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Eislaufen | © Martina Brunner
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Eislaufen in der Region Murau

A large number of ice rinks are available in the Murau region.Admission is free at all ice rinks!
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