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A refreshing drink from the Murau region

Murau beer

How refreshing: Murau beer is the signature drink of the Murau region and has been brewed in the city of Murau for more than 500 years. The Murau Brewery is one of Austria’s five biggest breweries, producing around 275,000 hectolitres of beer every year.

In 2010, Murau was awarded the title of “Bierstadt“ (bastion of beer), a badge that locals wear with pride. Ever since, a big “Bierstadtfest” festival has been taking place every five years. The privately owned, independent cooperative brewery is situated right in the Old Town of Murau.

The brewery has been producing its beer in a CO2-neutral manner since 2016. In general, environmental protection plays an important role at Murau Brewery, as proven by numerous environmental labels. The brewery is also Austria’s first of its kind with an EMAS environmental certification, which stands for a resource-efficient environmental management.

Good to know: The municipality of Murau is known for its excellent air and water quality. Plus, it’s the most densely wooded area in Austria.

At Murau Brewery, the quality of the beer takes centre stage – and you can taste this with every sip. Based on long-term experience, their vast beer brewing knowledge has been passed on from the beginnings of the brewery in 1495 until today.

Experience beer with all senses

At the “Brewery of the Senses“ beer experience world, everything revolves around the delicious beer brewed in Murau. At various auditory and olfactory stations, beer lovers can see, hear and smell the various exhibits. One of the museum’s key exhibits is the impressive demonstration well that illustrates the importance of water in the brewing process and which is unique in Austria.

The guided tour also includes a look back in history. Among other exhibits, you can see the former city walls and the 18-metre well that was used to retrieve the water for beer brewing. And it’s not just the brewing process that has changed throughout the years – the barrels the beer is kept in have changed too! In comparison, today’s barrels are much lighter than the ones used in the past.

The tour ends with a visit to the show brewery, where new beer varieties such as Pale Ale or Stout are being brewed and sampled.

Truly excellent: A visit to the Brewery of the Senses is an extraordinary experience. This is also proven by the fact that the brewery was awarded the “ausgezeichnete Erlebnistour” (“excellent experience tour”) quality seal in April 2017.

Austria’s first Beer Pharmacy in Murau

Right in the heart of the beer brewing capital, at the city’s oldest building, you can find Austria’s first Beer Pharmacy, where you can enjoy beer straight from apothecary vessels. In addition, the “Bierapotheke” sells soap, salt, jellies, shampoos, ointments, lotions, grain cushions and teas – all made from brewery products.


The Murauer beer is joined by other culinary delicacies such as the Murtaler Steirerkäs and the Zirbenschnaps. Other treasures are high-quality products made of pine wood or sheep's wool.

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