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Styrian specialities from the region

Regional products from Murau

Murau is known for the refreshing beer brewed in the traditional beer brewing capital. Plus, there are many more treasures to be discovered in the other towns and villages of the region. For instance, the region is also known for its delicious cheese, fish and liqueurs. What’s more, the locals apply fine craftsmanship to the making of precious, unique items made from wood or wool.

Culinary specialities

A visit to the region of Murau is always a delicious experience. Whether it’s fresh from a market stall or at a restaurant – local treats are waiting for you all throughout the region.

Fish from the Schwarzenberg fish farm

For 400 years, the noble Schwarzenberg family has been intrinsically linked to the history of the city of Murau. Many historical milestones are closely connected to the family. For instance, the “Fürstlich Schwarzenberg’sche Familienstiftung” instigated the construction of the fish farm at Lassnitzbach in 1968. Until today, the clear mountain water offers excellent conditions for the trout bred there.

Local game

The hunting region of Murau is small yet varied. A careful hunting selection ensures a healthy, species-rich habitat. Of course, this also affects the excellent taste of the local venison.

Numerous restaurants and inns in the Murau region have special venison weeks, during which they serve traditional venison dishes, usually with red cabbage and dumplings.

“Zirbitzlamm” lamb

Bio Schafbauernhof Rodler in Mühlen is another local manufacturer who produces high-quality products like lamb, wool or skins in harmony with nature. The Zirbitz sheep spend the summer months on the Alpine pastures and meadows on the sunny side of Zirbitzkogel mountain, which are rich in lush grass and herbs. The many herbs the sheep feed on and the on-site slaughtering which is as stress-free as possible give the organic lamb its distinctive taste.

Stone pine liqueur

The Murau region is also well-known for the local “Zirbenschnaps” (stone pine liqueur). The stone pine is a rare tree that mostly grows in the Alpine region. In a lengthy process, the tree’s cones are used to make the famous stone pine liqueur.

The pine cones are harvested when they are still unripe and blueish-purple. Their resin gives the liqueur its typical taste and red colour.

Honey: a culinary treat and health product

The bees also feel right at home in the Murau region. Local beekeepers such as Bienenhof Moder in Scheifling sell tasty honey as well as health products like propolis or ointments. At Bioimkerei Helfenschneider in Mariahof guests can even experience a lovingly designed educational bee trail.

Murtaler Steirerkäs cheese

Murtaler Steirerkäs cheese is a sour milk cheese from the Upper Murtal region. The firm cooking cheese is made from curd and different spices. Don’t confuse it with Ennstaler Steierkas cheese, though, which is an intense, crumbly grey cheese!

Murtaler Steierkäs cheese is traditionally used to make local specialities such as potato soup, bread strudel or “Steirerkäs-Nockerl” (cheese spaetzle). Of course, the cheese also tastes great on a slice of bread with farmer’s butter.

Shop for specialities from the Murau region

If you’re looking for a place to sample the various specialities from the Murau region, look no further than the farmers’ shop in Murau, which sells numerous products by local farmers.

You can also get local specialities at “Allerlei“ in Murau or at “Murauer Kisterl“. The latter is also great for buying tasty souvenirs to bring back home.

The taste of the region