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    Ski touring, snowshoeing and winter hiking

    Gentle winter sports in the Murau region

    When the temperatures drop and the mountains are covered with snow, the Murau region turns into a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. Varied routes bring ski tourers a little closer to heaven. And snowshoeing allows you to explore the Murau region when it shows itself in its white Sunday best.

    Ski touring in the Murau region

    The mountains of the Murau region are definitely a place of longing for nature lovers! It’s where you can leave your everyday life behind for once. Simply put on your skins, step into the bindings, and then glide up the mountain step by step.

    Ski touring in the Murau region allows you to focus on what truly matters in life. While exploring the eight local mountains, each of which has its own unique charm, you will have numerous opportunities to bask in the beauty of their snow-covered peaks.

    Ski touring variety on 8 mountains

    Ski touring enthusiasts know that the sport is a perfect blend of mindfulness, physical activity in nature, and fun in the snow. On Frauenalpe, Turracher Höhe, Zirbitzkogel and many other local mountains, you can choose from easy routes for beginners to routes for the more athletically inclined.

    Winter hiking & snowshoeing in the Murau region

    Climbing the peaks and marvelling at the world from above is not only possible while skiing and snowboarding but also while winter hiking or snowshoeing. With a bit of endurance, willpower and sturdy shoes or even snowshoes, you can explore the snow-covered Murau mountains on foot.

    Snowshoe tours through wintry Murau

    Hat on your head, gloves on your hands, snowshoes on your feet – and off you go on your hike through wintry Murau. There is one thing we can promise you: You will be rewarded with stunning views of the region’s unique scenery!

    Regardless of whether your snowshoe tour takes you into the vast expanse of the Styrian Krakow or leads you through the Nature Park, whether you walk up towards the Kreischberg’s summit or through the Lachtal valley: The sport requires little equipment and makes the hearts of winter sports enthusiasts beat faster.

    Snowshoe tours and rental shops

    In the Kreischberg region, snowshoe hikers benefit from a diverse range of offers when it comes to walking through the powder-snow on bear paws (snowshoes): There are easy routes for leisurely hikers and intermediate routes that offer a bit more of a challenge. The region’s challenging routes are just the right level of difficulty for seasoned pros.

    Exploring Murau on foot: the region’s winter trail network

    Numerous hiking routes wind their way through Murau, and while you're putting one foot in front of the other, you'll get to know the little secrets of winter in the region.

    Guided winter hikes through Murau

    Murau’s winter hiking experts know exactly where the most beautiful trails can be found in the region’s snowy winter paradise:

    Winter hiking at Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park

    MEX Touren offers guided snowshoe tours to enchanting places in the Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park and on Frauenalpe.

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    Winter hiking with Richi's Ski School

    The experienced hiking guides of Richi's Ski School accompany winter hikers on their way through the snow-covered landscape every day. The route and destination of the guided snowshoe and winter hikes depend on the current weather and snow conditions. The route and time frame are established together with the participants.

    Good to know: Snowshoeing is quite easy to learn and requires little equipment. In essence, it’s like winter hiking. The only difference is that the large snowshoes under your feet prevent you from sinking into the snow.

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    Rent your equipment from the pros

    If you want to walk through the wintry Murau region on snowshoes, there are several rental partners where you can rent your equipment:

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