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    Wonderful hiking experiences

    Hiking in the Murau region

    Pack your backpack, put on your hiking boots and experience the untouched nature of the Murau region. On the south side of the Lower Tauern mountains, at an altitude between 676 and 2,740 metres, hikers can enjoy one-of-a-kind outdoor experiences.

    The best hiking trails of the Murau region

    8-peak hike

    This very long but panoramic hike on alpine pastures and hiking trails from the Frauenalpe to the Kreischberg is particularly suitable for endurance hikers.

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    The high-altitude trails of Murau

    The high-altitude trails of Murau are your chance to experience varied hikes on the south side of the Lower Tauern mountains:

    • Krakau high-altitude trail: The four-kilometre panoramic trail starts and ends at the centre of Unterach and is suitable for families.
    • From Kreischberg to Frauenalpe (2,171 metres): a scenic route across lush green Alpine pastures from Kreischberg to Frauenalpe for hikers with good stamina.
    • Scharfes Eck high-altitude trail: a marvellous circular hike with a distance of 6.2 kilometres and plenty of impressive natural highlights.

    Green trails

    Winding their way through a picturesque landscape, the “green trails” take you from St. Georgen am Kreischberg to St. Leonhard’s Church.

    Hike towards blue gems

    Nestled amid the region’s pristine nature, you can find numerous lakes that have a magical power of attraction. The three lakes at Turracherhöhe, the Zwiefler lakes at Schöder, Lake Auerlingsee (1,315 metres), Lake Schattensee, Lake Etrachsee near Krakau and others are natural highlights on every hike.

    Even more tips for avid hikers

    Would you like to go on a long-distance hike with natural and spiritual highlights? The Murau region boasts two unrivalled long-distance hiking trails:

    Long-distance hiking trails

    Along the 130-kilometre Via Natura trail at Nature Park Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen, hikers get to know all about “NaturLesen” (reading nature). The hiking scheme was designed for mountain lovers to rediscover the wonders of nature and recharge their batteries amid the romantic ponds, mystical moors and natural gems of the Nature Park. On ten picturesque stages, hikers learn about the interplay between man and nature.  

    Stages 9 to 14 of the “From Glacier to Wine” long-distance hiking trail take you along the trail’s southern route from the picturesque Krakau region and the Günster waterfall all the way to St. Peter am Kammersberg.

    Family-friendly themed hiking trails

    The leisurely themed hiking trails in the Murau region offer splendid hiking experiences for all generations.


    Are you looking for spiritual and cultural centres and inspiring power places? The good news: It doesn’t always have to be the Camino de Santiago in Spain! After all, why wander far and wide when the good things are so near?

    Along the Way of St. James and Hemma pilgrimage routes in the Murau region, you can find inner peace as well as scenic spots. Another of the region’s popular pilgrimage trails is the Mariazell Founders’ Trail, which leads from St. Lambrecht and Scheifling to Mariazell.

    Take a break at an inviting mountain hut

    What would a long hike be without a nice break? The best way to recharge your batteries during a long hike is to stop by at the sun terrace of a cosy mountain hut or restaurant.

    Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to discover the true taste of the region. Hiking in the Murau region is full of culinary and scenic highlights!

    People say that over 1,000 metres above sea level, everyone’s on first-name terms. In the mountains, nothing’s complicated, and it’s easy to make new friends based on the common love of nature and plenty of humour.

    During an Alpine pasture hike or up at the summit, you will only see friendly faces – and the same is true when you take a break at one of the region’s many mountain huts.

    Checklist for hiking in the Murau region

    1. Hiking boots: Proper footwear is the be all and end all of a successful hike. Ideally, choose solid, ankle-high boots with slip-proof soles to protect your feet and support your ankles.
    2. Hiking map and/or guidebook: You can find detailed descriptions of the hiking routes in the Murau region in our hiking maps  and guidebooks.
    3. Outdoor clothes: If your route leads you across various altitudes, we recommend going for the “layering look”. Thanks to various layers of clothes, you’re equipped for most temperatures and weather conditions. Breathable t-shirts and zip-off trousers are particularly popular with hikers. Also don’t forget to protect yourself against the cold, the sun and rain!
    4. Trekking poles: If you suffer from joint problems or have to carry a heavy backpack, trekking poles can be a great help.
    5. First-aid kit: You should always pack a first-aid kit when you go hiking. It should include plasters, insect repellent and dressings. To be on the safe side, also pack painkillers. Important: Don’t forget to charge your mobile phone before your hike so you can call emergency services if necessary!

    Useful information for your hiking holiday in the Murau region

    With the following tips and information, you’re all set for your next hiking adventure in the Murau region.

    Tour planning is all about being meticulous and flexible. Keep in mind that the route you choose should be suitable for all members of your group – especially if it includes children. It’s also a good idea to tell your host about your route and when they can expect you back.

    Never go hiking without proper equipment and clothing! With our checklist for hiking in the Murau region it’s easy to assemble everything you need. To keep your backpack from becoming too heavy, only pack things that are absolutely necessary! Plus: Never dispose of your waste in the mountains, bring it back home with you!

    Before you head to the mountains, you should always check the local weather forecast. You can also ask the locals for advice. Keep in mind that the weather can change quickly in the mountains. If this happens, it’s better to head back and stay safe!

    If you hike across Alpine pastures, you might encounter grazing cows, sheep, horses or other animals. Stay calm and don’t engage with the animals! If you stay on the marked trails and keep a safe distance to the animals, they are not dangerous. NB: Don’t feed the animals!

    Our tip: If you stick to the Ten rules on how to behave around grazing animals, you’re on the safe side!

    Dogs should always be kept on a leash. However, in case of an attack by grazing animal, let your dog off the leash so that it can run away. Don’t try to interfere in the attack!

    There’s no place for competitive ambition in the mountains. Always adjust your walking speed to the slowest member of your group. Take regular breaks and eat and drink sufficiently to maintain your energy level.

    To respect the local wildlife, always stay on the marked trails!

    In case of an emergency, stay calm! Call emergency services with your mobile phone or attract the attention of other hikers by shouting, giving light signals or waving your clothes around.

    Emergency numbers:

    • mountain rescue services: 140
    • EU emergency number: 112

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