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They taste good and make you feel good:

Delicacies from the Murau region

In the Murau region, culinary pleasure plays an important role. From refreshing beer to delicacies such as the traditional Murtaler Steirerkäse cheese: Locals know what tastes good and is good for body and soul.

Culinary delights

Traditional home cooking or upscale, exquisite cuisine? In the Murau region, holidaymakers won't have to decide but can pick and choose as they please. Restaurants and inns serve traditional and mostly regional cuisine. At the award-winning restaurants, excellent chefs serve up to seven courses selecting mainly regional ingredients for their dishes. If you are out and about in the Murau mountains, there are also numerous huts where you can stop for a bite to eat.

Some of the Kulinarium Steiermark establishments can also be found in the villages of the region. They stand for authentic Styrian cuisine, paired with tradition-conscious hospitality.

Murau beer culture

It's hard to imagine the town of Murau without its popular malt beverage. Beer has been brewed here for centuries, and in 2010 Murau was even named Beer Town. The town certainly lives up to its title: Beer lovers will find numerous offers revolving around the tasty mixture made of hops, malt, yeast, and water. By the way, the district of Murau is also known for its first-rate water quality.

Topping the list of popular beer experiences? The "Brewery of the Senses", followed by Austria's first beer pharmacy, which is only a few metres away from the brewery.

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Regional Murau products

Beer is not the only product that the Styrian region can be proud of. The aromatic Murtaler Steirerkäse cheese lends a special flavour to dishes such as soups and Kasnocken.

In the most densely forested region in all of Austria, wood also plays a role in numerous regional products. The reddish-coloured Swiss stone pine schnaps complements the local range of exquisite alcoholic beverages, and high-quality decorative items made of wood are an ornament to any room.

Zirbitz lambs are an enrichment for nature and people. Keeping these special lambs on the alpine pastures of Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park ensures the continuity of the local meadows. The sheeps’ wool is processed into warming socks and blankets, which can be found in regional shops.

Tip: Strolling around the farmers' markets is a great way to discover the region’s delicacies.

Feel-good holidays in the Murau region