Brauerei der Sinne Brauerei der Sinne

Brewery of the Senses


Directly linked to the Murau region is the brewing culture, which has played a formative role in the region since 1495. Activate your senses and embark on an exciting journey into the world of Murau beer! In the Brewery of the Senses, visitors can perceive the world of Murau beer with all their senses. In a lively way, they are brought closer to the beer creation process from start to finish.

Tip: The admission price includes a tasting of various Murau beer specialties, as well as a small snack and a free glass.

On the almost two-hour long experience tour, all 5 senses are addressed with the help of audio-visual stations, as well as olfactory and auditory stations. The jewel of the Brewery of the Senses is the experimental and show brewery, a kind of miniature brewery with an output of 10 hl, where creative beer specialities such as Pale Ale or Stout are brewed.

From the innovative show brewery, visitors enter the tradition-rich museum, where they can learn about the high art of brewing beer, which has been done in Murau in harmony with nature since 1495. An 18-metre deep show fountain impressively illustrates the importance of water.

As befits a brewery, a tasting of various Murau beer specialities is included at the end of the tour in the beer cellar. If you feel like you want more, you can round off the tour with a visit to the Bierapotheke (beer pharmacy), which is located less than 100 metres from the Brewery of the Senses. In addition to a free glass, every visitor to the Brewery of the Senses also receives a voucher that can be redeemed at the Murau Beer Pharmacy.

The Murau Beer Pharmacy is not only located in the heart of the town but also, according to records, in the oldest building in the beer town and has become a new meeting place on the subject of beer in the centre of the beer town of Murau. The Murau Beer Pharmacy is on the one hand a stylish location for cosy get-togethers and on the other hand a shop where typical pharmacy products from the region can be purchased. From shampoos, ointments and lotions to Trebern cushions and teas, the shop leaves nothing to be desired.

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Brauerei der Sinne
Raffaltplatz 19-23
8850 Murau
Moile +43 664 886 533 44

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