Hiking route Rauchstubenweg St. Georgen ob Judenburg - Touren-Impression #1 | © Weges OG Hiking route Rauchstubenweg St. Georgen ob Judenburg - Touren-Impression #1 | © Weges OG

Rauchstubenweg St. Georgen ob Judenburg

This leisurely hike on the sunny side of St. Georgen ob Judenburg in the Murtal region takes you to one of the last largely intact 17th century smokehouses in Styria.
The hike in combination with a visit to the Rauchstubenhaus, vlg. Giefer, is a highlight in the Murtal region. The history of the two-storey Rauchstubenhaus can be traced back to the 14th century. Due to the preserved architecture from 1657, it can be concluded that the farm had a respectable economic power. More detailed information on the history, description, renovation and restoration of the courtyard can be found on the information board of the Federal Monuments Office (near the house). In addition, photos from 2002 document the condition of the farmhouse, which was renovated with great attention to detail thanks to the personal commitment of the Staubmann family in cooperation with the Federal Monuments Office until 2011. If you take this hike in spring, you will also be amazed by the numerous blossoms in the snowdrop meadow, which is located near the Rauchstubenhaus.



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Level of difficulty
7,8 km
2:30 h
380 hm
380 hm
1045 m
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From Judenburg via the B317 (14 km, approx. 15 minutes)

From Murau via the B96 (33 km, approx. 30 minutes)

We start at the village square of St. Georgen ob Judenburg (1), 734 m, and walk slightly downhill through the village. After crossing the Mur bridge and the railroad tracks, we see the yellow signposts and the road sign for Wetzelsberg at the crossroads. We keep right uphill and follow the asphalt road through Pichlhofen. Staying on the road, after approx. 2 km we come to the few houses of Wetzelsberg (2), 950 m. At the crossroads with the "Wetzelsberg" sign, turn left and follow the road for approx. 400 m until you can see the entrance to the hiking trail on the left after a gate. The path leads uphill for a while through a dense forest until we reach a forest road. We follow this road and repeatedly have beautiful views of the Mur valley. The hiking trail leads leisurely downhill on the forest road until we see the Rauchstubenhaus (3), 952 m, with the volcano name Giefer, in a clearing below to the right. We walk directly to the Rauchstubenhaus and follow the access road downhill until we reach the road we already know. Here we keep left and walk downhill into the valley and back to our starting point.
After the hike, you can stop off at one of the village's traditional inns and/or enjoy a delicacy from the "Murtal Eis" ice cream factory.
Take the train or bus to St. Georgen ob Judenburg.

The exact timetable and general information about public transport in the region: www.verbundlinie.at 

Several parking possibilities in the village or directly at the train station St. Georgen ob Judenburg.
Refreshments and overnight accommodation:

Gasthaus Wieser, Tel.: +43 3583 2272, 8756 St. Georgen ob Judenburg 7, www.gasthof-wieser.at 

Gasthof Sonnenhof, Tel.: +43 3583 2116, Pichlhofen 60, 8756 St. Georgen ob Judenburg, www.maerchenwald.at 

Postcafe Ehgartner, Tel.: +43 3583 2855, 8756 St. Georgen ob Judenburg 11, www.murtaleis.at 

Freytag & Berndt (2017): Seetaler Alpen, Seckauer Alpen, Judenburg, Knittelfeld. WK 212 Wander-, Rad-, Freizeitkarte; 1 : 50 000 C. und M. Hlatky, (2017): Murtal – Rund um Spielberg – Seetaler Alpen und Seckauer Alpen. Kral Verlag, S. 160


What the weather will be like

St. Georgen ob Judenburg (737m)

0 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Unsettled weather throughout the day with showers now and then.
0 km/h
slightly cloudy
5 km/h
5 km/h
Sunshine and cloudiness will alternate throughout the day. A chance of showers towards evening.
16°C 29°C
15°C 27°C
14°C 26°C
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