Hiking route Habring von Unzmarkt-Frauenburg - Touren-Impression #1 | © Weges OG Hiking route Habring von Unzmarkt-Frauenburg - Touren-Impression #1 | © Weges OG

Habring von Unzmarkt-Frauenburg

A hike on secluded hiking and pilgrimage trails that promises peace and well-being. True to the motto: arrive by train and hike comfortably to the summits of the municipality of Unzmarkt-Frauenburg.
The Murberge mountains, which border the river Mur to the south and the Wölzer Tauern mountains to the north, are a rather unknown hiking area. This hike takes you to a regionally well-known summit of the Murberge, the Habring at 1497 metres above sea level, which is usually accessed from Oberzeiring and St. Georgen ob Judenburg. A few decades ago, the Habring still offered great views, but now there is nothing left of the view as the summit lies in the middle of a dense forest. It is still attractive, however, as there is a beautiful summit cross with edelweiss, a location board with altitude information and a rest area. On this hike, the path is the destination, as the views along the pleasant ascent and descent are impressive. We are on the Mariazell Founders' Trail, which starts in St. Lambrecht and leads to Mariazell in at least 7 daily stages. In addition, there are the two local mountains: the Bocksruck, 1763 m, and the Weißeck, 1743 m. So: From the valley to the summits - possible 3 times in Unzmarkt-Frauenburg!



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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
14,1 km
5:00 h
840 hm
840 hm
1497 m
Highest point

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From Judenburg via the B317 (24 km, approx. 30 minutes)

From Murau via the B96 (26 km, approx. 30 minutes)

From the railway station in Unzmarkt (1), 730 m, we take the access road downhill and come to the Mur. We stay on the left bank and walk downstream along the road to the junction with the yellow signposts (Habringsattel / Oberzeiring / trail 960). From now on, the route goes uphill through the populated area to a road junction, where we turn right in the direction of Rittersberg-Rainberg. We stay on the tarmac road for the next 1.9 km until a stable and several buildings can be seen on the right immediately after a left-hand bend. Here we pass between the buildings on the Rainberg (2), 895 m, and continue uphill over pastureland with views of the Mur valley. The path is clear and climbs steadily through the forest. After some time, the forest road joins a path that leads past old gnarled trees. We come to a section of path that is heavily overgrown and immediately afterwards to a forest road again, which we follow uphill to the left. For the next 1.4 km, we hike leisurely along the wide forest road until we see the entrance on the right in a left-hand bend. Via a path and past scattered boulders, we reach a forest road where we see a small hunting lodge (3), 1385 m, a few metres away on the left.

Now turn right and walk slightly downhill to the Schalenstein crossroads. A short detour to the Schalenstein is recommended before continuing left towards the Habringsattel. The path climbs gently and comfortably for about 1 kilometre to the Habringsattel (4), 1410 m, an inconspicuous crossing with yellow signposts in the direction of Oberzeiring 1h 40min and Unzmarkt 2h 30min. At the saddle we turn left and see a small wooden signpost with the inscription 3a. Here begins the partly steep ascent through the dense spruce forest to the summit. In the summit area it becomes somewhat flatter and we see the summit cross with a small rest area on the Habring (5), 1497 m, in front of us. The descent is via the ascent route.

Those who use the summer months for hiking can use the free natural swimming pond to cool off after the tour. A "cool" tip for the summer.
Take the train or bus to Unzmarkt-Frauenburg station.

The exact timetable and general information about public transport in the region: www.verbundlinie.en

At the railway station and several car parks in Unzmarkt
Refreshments and overnight accommodation:

Zum Burgblick, Tel.: +43 650 5745985, 8800 Unzmarkt-Frauenburg, Kärntnerstraße 5

GH Eckberg, Tel.: +43 650 5583238, 8800 Unzmarkt-Frauenburg, Simon Hafnerplatz 11, www.eckberg.at 

Sempre al Lago, Tel.: +43 3583 30210

Freytag & Berndt (2017): Seetaler Alpen, Seckauer Alpen, Judenburg, Knittelfeld. WK 212 Wander-, Rad-, Freizeitkarte; 1 : 50 000 C. und M. Hlatky, (2017): Murtal – Rund um Spielberg – Seetaler Alpen und Seckauer Alpen. Kral Verlag, S. 160


What the weather will be like

Pölstal (918m)

5 km/h
slightly cloudy
5 km/h
5 km/h
Early morning showers, then dry and fairly sunny. But thunderstorms will be likely towards evening.
0 km/h
10 km/h
0 km/h
Sunshine and cloudiness will alternate throughout the day. A chance of showers towards evening.
15°C 28°C
15°C 26°C
13°C 25°C
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