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Urban hotspots from Bruck to Mariazell

The towns and cities of Hochsteiermark

Cities are great places to explore. Especially if they are as clean and green as those in Hochsteiermark! After all, the region’s charming towns and cities are all surrounded by splendid nature.

Seize the chance to stroll past the magnificent Old Town houses of Bruck an der Mur or visit the museums of Mürzzuschlag. Or how about a shopping spree in the picturesque town of Kindberg? Whichever urban hotspot you decide upon – every one of them is full of lovely cafés and restaurants for enjoyable breaks. For instance, you can sample the region’s traditional delicacies during lunch at one of the many local inns. In addition to culinary and cultural highlights, you can also find shopping options in the towns and villages of Hochsteiermark.

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