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Cities surrounded by nature

Bruck an der Mur & Kapfenberg

Right in the middle of the green heart of Austria, you can find Bruck an der Mur and Kapfenberg, Styria’s two most populated cities after the provincial capital of Graz. While Bruck is known for its historic flair, Kapfenberg is known for its many technical innovations. Both of them are surrounded by lush forests that are perfect for walking, hiking and relaxing.

Kapfenberg is a city of short distances – it only takes a few minutes to get to the surrounding area – as well as a city of cultural highlights. What’s more, both cities are great for shopping, featuring small boutiques as well as large malls. If you feel like taking a break, there’s always a charming café nearby.

Marvel at historic buildings in Bruck an der Mur

Bruck is also called the “Kornmesser city” because of Kornmesserhaus. It was home to Pankraz Kornmess, owner of the local hammer mill during the early 16th century, and is one of Austria’s most beautiful Gothic secular buildings. However, Kornmesserhaus isn’t the city’s only architectural gem. Antauerhaus, Fabriziushaus und Baderhaus are all well worth a visit too. Plus, don’t miss Eiserne Brunnen and Schlossberg hill with the Clock Tower! Together with Kornmesserhaus, these are the landmark sights of Brucks.

Recommended activities in Bruck an der Mur

  • If you’re a night person, we recommend a guided tour with a night watchwoman through Bruck. Book your spot directly with Helga Papst!
  • If you like walking, we recommend a tour up Schlossberg hill. At the top, you can treat yourself to drinks and snacks at Kultur Beisl during the summer months and enjoy marvellous views across the Old Town.
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Knights and more in Kapfenberg

At Oberkapfenberg Castle, the city’s landmark, you can learn about the life of medieval horsemen in the multimedia exhibition “Grenzgänge – eine Zeitreise zu Kreuzrittern und Alchimisten“ (“Crossing the borders – a journey back in time to the crusaders and alchemists”). The castle’s children’s museum makes the journey back in time a fascinating experience for the little ones.

Other annual highlights include the knights and witches festival taking place at the castle. Plus, there’s the Chill Hill event series in summer with relaxed music, culinary delights – and splendid views from the castle across the valley.

Our tip for hobby cave explorers: If you’re interested in stalactites and stalagmites, you should visit Rettenwand cave. The dripstone cave is your gateway to a magical world inside the mountain. 

Splendid views, nature and even more knights

Hikes in the surrounding region

The region surrounding the cities of Bruck and Kapfenberg is also popular with nature lovers. You can go hiking and enjoy stunning panoramic views on the local mountains of Hochanger, Madereck and Rennfeld. Or how about taking a walk at Weitental Nature Conservation Center and visiting the rescue centre for injured animals and protected wildlife there? If you would like to start from Kapfenberg, we recommend following Wulfingweg trail dedicated to the knight Wulfing von Stubenberg and enjoying the scenic views of Kapfenberg.

All cycle paths lead to Bruck and Kapfenberg

If you ride along the Mur cycle path or the Mürz Valley cycle path, you will pass right through the cities of Bruck and Kapfenberg. Both cycle routes run though or end at the historic Old Town of Bruck. It’s well worth stopping by to marvel at the city’s impressive architecture or to take a break at one of the many charming cafés and restaurants!

Incidentally, Bruck is also located along the historic BergZeitReise long-distance hiking trail.

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