Exploring the northeastern part of the green heart of Austria on foot

Hiking trails in Hochsteiermark

If you like hiking, you will love Hochsteiermark. The region features numerous trails, among them the BergZeitReise trail that runs all the way through Styria from the high-alpine Hochschwab area to Peter Rosegger’s Waldheimat region in 18 daily stages. Expect a route full of natural, cultural and culinary highlights!

Or how about exploring one of the region’s many other themed hiking trails revolving around water, the sun and climate, famous composers or other fascinating topics together with your family? Alternatively, you could also explore one of Hochsteiermark’s pilgrimage routes – they offer perfect opportunities to leave your worries behind and find inner peace!

What all hiking trails in the northeastern part of the green heart of Austria have in common? All of them are surrounded by splendid nature. Some of them run through romantic forests, others across picturesque meadows or the impressive mountain peaks of the Hochschwab mountain range. Some of them also take you right into the heart of charming towns like Mariazell with its famous pilgrimage basilica or to Bruck an der Mur, one of Austria’s “Small Historic Towns“.

Hochsteiermark boasts a multitude of hiking trails, ranging from easy to challenging routes and from short hikes to multi-week adventures. If you enjoy hiking, Hochsteiermark is just the place for you!

Length in km
Duration in h
Elevation gain/loss
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Accessible by public transport
Kalvarienberg | Fred Lindmoser | © Hochsteiermark
Hochsteiermark easy Open
Route 1,0 km
Duration 0:20 h

Mariazell EYE Views: Kalvarienberg

Blick vom Buschniggweg auf Mariazell | Fred Lindmoser | © Hochsteiermark
Hochsteiermark easy Open
Route 1,0 km
Duration 0:20 h

Mariazeller Eye Views: Buschniggweg

Am Balkon genießt man die herrliche Aussicht | Helga Wiedenhofer | © Marktgemeinde Aflenz
Aflenz easy Open
Route 8,7 km
Duration 2:36 h

Hob mi gern Steig - Aflenz

Salzaklamm | Fred Lindmoser | © Hochsteiermark
Hochsteiermark medium Open
Route 7,7 km
Duration 2:30 h

Power place Salzaklamm

Ausblick von der Mariazeller Bürgeralpe | Brigitte Digruber | © TVB Mariazeller Land
Hochsteiermark medium Open
Route 9,0 km
Duration 3:45 h

Around the Mariazell Bürgeralpe (694 and 692)

Ausblick von der Sauwand auf Mariazell | Brigitte Digruber | © Hochsteiermark
Hochsteiermark medium Open
Route 18,8 km
Duration 6:00 h

Mariazell EYE VIEWS: Sauwand

Jagdhütte, Start des Anstiegs zum Predigtstuhl | Andreas Steininger | © Hochsteiermark
Mürzsteg challenging Open
Route 17,5 km
Duration 9:00 h

Überschreitung der Hohen Veitsch im Naturpark Mürzer Oberland

Schießlingalm | Familie Pichler | © TV Hochsteiermark
Aflenz Land easy Open
Route 9,0 km
Duration 3:15 h

Schießlingalm - Oischinggipfel

Ausblick vom Vorderen Zeller Hut auf Mariazell | Fred Lindmoser | © Hochsteiermark
Hochsteiermark medium Open
Route 19,5 km
Duration 7:00 h

Mariazell EYE View: Front Zeller Hut

Ausblick vom Sigmundsberg auf Mariazell | Fred Lindmoser | © Hochsteiermark
Hochsteiermark easy Open
Route 5,3 km
Duration 1:40 h

Mariazell Eye Views: Sigmundsberg

Start des Wanderweges | Zentralwasserversorgung Hochschwab Süd | © ZWHS Zentralwasserversorgung Hochschwab Süd
Sankt Ilgen easy Open
Route 1,3 km
Duration 0:30 h

Wasser.Wander.Wunder-Weg beim Bodenbauer

Accessible by public transport
Ötschergräben | Fred Lindmoser | © Hochsteiermark
Annaberg medium Open
Route 10,8 km
Duration 3:40 h

Power place gorges Ötschergräben and Erlauf reservoir

Rotsohlalm Hütte | Herbert Podbressnik | © Tourismusverband Waldheimat-Semmering-Veitsch
Veitsch medium Open
Route 15,6 km
Duration 5:00 h

Von der Brunnalm auf den Rauschkogel

Accessible by public transport
Riesach Lake in the Untertal valley, Rohrmoos | Herbert Raffalt | © Tourismusverband Schladming - Herbert Raffalt
Spital am Semmering challenging Open
Route 311,8 km
Duration 120:00 h

Central Alpine Trail 02 through Styria

Accessible by public transport
Blick auf den Dachstein | photo-austria.at | © Steiermark Tourismus/photo-austria.at
Ramsau am Dachstein challenging Open
Route 524,6 km
Duration 196:45 h

From the Glacier to the Wine - North Route

Accessible by public transport
Der Siebenbrunnenkessel | Andreas Steininger | © Hochsteiermark
Kapellen medium Open
Route 8,8 km
Duration 4:00 h

Über den Waxriegelsteig auf die Rax im Naturpark Mürzer Oberland

130 Results