Luftbild Burg Oberkapfenberg | © Stadtgemeinde Kapfenberg Luftbild Burg Oberkapfenberg | © Stadtgemeinde Kapfenberg

Castle Oberkapfenberg


Oberkapfenberg Castle likes to show its versatility. The castle houses a castle falconry, exhibition rooms and event rooms. Guided tours and knight games are offered for guests.

The annual Knight's Festival is a highlight for all medieval fans. Additional offers are:

  • Crossing borders: a virtual journey through time with crusaders and alchemists. The history of the castle is told in this exciting multimedia exhibition.
  • Archaeology: special exhibition "From Stubenberg's Kitchen"
  • Birds of prey flying show

Your celebration - the perfect room for every occasion!

Wedding - Chamber of Promises - Loreto Chapel - wedding hall  

Company & family celebrations, seminars



1173 first documentary mention of a castle under the name "Chaffenberch", 640 m above sea level
1268 Construction at the current location by the Lords of Stubenberg
1550 expansion into a renaissance fortress
In 1740, when it moved to the newly built Wieden Castle, it fell into ruin
1955 Reconstruction of the castle by the Stubenberg family
1992 Acquisition by the municipality of Kapfenberg

The history of our castle is told vividly in the multimedia exhibition "Border Crossings". What does Oberkapfenberg Castle have to do with the fascinating world of the Crusades? And what is behind the secret of the alchemist von Kapfenberg? We get to the bottom of these two questions in the exhibition "Border Crossings - A Time Travel to Crusaders and Alchemists". The integrated children's museum offers a varied museum visit for young and old.

Merlin the Magician would have been delighted in the multimedia exhibition “Crossing borders - a journey through time with crusaders, alchemists and the discovery of the Philosopher's Stone. Face to face with the snowy owl Flaumi and the eagle Aron you experience the birds of prey demonstration with a breathtaking panoramic view on the castle terrace.

You can prove your skill in jousting games and your accuracy in crossbow shooting.

Loreto chapel

10 minutes away - the remains of the wall reveal the first castle from the 12th century. At the highest point of the hill is the Loreto Chapel (693m above sea level) with the Black Madonna, built by the Stubenbergers in the 17th century. The remarkable little Donatus Chapel is also visited.

The falconry - birds of prey flight show

Experience the birds of prey in the castle falconry and watch the falconers in their daily work with their hunting partners, the birds of prey.
From the beginning of April to the end of October from Wednesday to Sunday, at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. (for exceptions, see the castle calendar).


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