Hiking route Traminer path (Traminerweg) Klöch - Touren-Impression #1 | © Weges OG Hiking route Traminer path (Traminerweg) Klöch - Touren-Impression #1 | © Weges OG

Traminer path (Traminerweg) Klöch

Through this wine-themed hiking trail, you get to know the wine region of Klöch and the famous Traminer - the wine with the scent of the rose - in a leisurely up and down.
The Traminerweg is a popular and much frequented theme trail north of Bad Radkersburg, which consists of two parts and connects the surrounding area of Klöch via a "figure-eight loop". The start and starting point for both stages is at the Vinothek and the Wine Museum, where the directional arrows "Traminerweg - Hochwarth" and "Traminerweg - Seindl" can be seen on the sidewalk to help with orientation. The Traminerweg leads the hiker through a varied landscape, along sparsely populated areas, through vineyards and mixed forests, over meadows and reedbeds with great views. Numerous rest and viewing points in combination with self-service stations offer the opportunity to enjoy the well-kept and beneficial cultural landscape around Klöch. Not only the stations of the Traminerweg, but also the marked geomancy points invite you to participate and marvel. And last but not least, you should end the hike with a glass of Traminer - cheers!



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Level of difficulty
13,8 km
4:30 h
400 hm
400 hm
420 m
Highest point
280 m
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from Vienna: A2 to exit Fürstenfeld, continue on 319 to Großwilfersdorf and L454 and L207 to Fehring and L204 via Kapfenstein and St.Anna am Aigen to Klöch

from Graz: A9 to exit Gersdorf, continue on 'B69 to Halbenrain and L234 to Klöch

Detailed information on how to get there can be found here

Traminerweg - 1st part via Hochwarth We start at the parking lot "Vinothek & Weinbaumuseum Klöch" and walk to the center of Klöch, a few meters away. Passing the market place we turn left into a side street. The markings on the ground are clear and so we walk uphill along the street until we reach the vineyard and the Ölberg site sign. A short stretch through the vineyard and we come to a gravel road, which we follow to the left until we reach the old tree press and the Kellerstöckl. Continue along an asphalt road slightly uphill to the waypoint Kinzl and then we turn sharply right. Leisurely downhill, past a Klapotetz, with an information board about the Styrian windmill, until we reach the bottom of the valley and the Klinzlbach bridge. Through the forest and further past vineyards we come to an asphalt road, which we cross. Following the side road downhill, the Traminerweg branches off to the left to continue on a forest road through the woods. Once again on an asphalt road, we go slightly uphill on the left past some houses, the self-service station of the Gschaar winery and an oversized wooden wine bottle. There follows a stretch of path through the vineyards until we reach the asphalt road again and continue to the right. After the winery and Buschenschank Frühwirt, we turn left at the crossroads, walk past the Deutsch Haseldorf village sign until we reach the wooden viewing platform. Immediately afterwards, the Traminerweg leads into a side road, which we now follow for about 800 meters, and then, at a crossroads, turn left. We walk leisurely along an access road until we see the wooden staircase "Traminersteig" on the right, which leads us into the vineyards and to a viewing platform. After we are back on the asphalt road, a little later there is another junction on the right. Slightly downhill through vineyards leads the Pemmerlweg, with a beautiful view of the quarry. Via the asphalt road and the castle ruins of Klöch, a climb leads us back towards the center of the village. The Traminerweg does not lead directly to the center, but is guided back to the starting point via an archway and the church square.

Traminerweg - 2nd part via Seindl At the church square we climb a few steps and then we are already at the path that leads uphill through the forest. Passing an information board in the form of a book and the station "Lightness and joy of life", the path leads us to the hill of Seindl. Along an asphalt road we pass vineyards and scenic spots, as well as the photo point "Heart in the vineyard". We hike leisurely along the Riedel to the "Wetterschirm am Seindl" and the nearby lookout point with panoramic panels and a sunbed. Continuing through vineyards and across meadows, the Traminerweg leads to the soothing wooded areas of the Zarawald, where the Herzplatz is also located. In succession, we pass by some houses, turn right at a crossroads, and immediately turn left downhill over the "Halige Stiege" to the Schuster winery. The hiking trail passes directly behind the guesthouse and brings us to a wonderful vantage point in the vineyards. Continuing downhill through the vineyards, we come back to an asphalt road and follow the markings through the sparsely populated area. After passing a wooded area, the Traminerweg continues along roads and through vineyards until, just above the Palz Inn, we come to an asphalt road again and now continue hiking uphill to the left. The next kilometer we are on an asphalt road, then we turn left into the forest and hike downhill over the Muschkagraben. Parallel to the road and the last piece through the forest we come to the already known ascent, which leads back to the starting point.

Another themed trail in Klöch is the "Path of Friendship", a cross-border hiking trail about 16 km long. Info: www.wegderfreundschaft.at



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parking in the center of the village
Restaurant Klöcherhof, Tel.: +43 3475 2206, 8493 Klöch 4, www.kloecherhof.at

Gustoplatzl, Tel.: +43 3475 20233, 8493 Klöch 205, www.gustoplatzl.at


Tourist office Thermen- & Vulkanland

Gästeinfo Bad Radkersburg
Hauptplatz 14
8490 Bad Radkersburg
Tel: +43 3382 55 100-90


What the weather will be like

Klöch (280m)

10 km/h
slightly cloudy
10 km/h
slightly cloudy
10 km/h
Showers will die away soon to leave a partly sunny day.
5 km/h
slightly cloudy
10 km/h
slightly cloudy
5 km/h
Dry and partly sunny throughout the day, with cloudy periods from time to time.
slightly cloudy
3°C 14°C
4°C 14°C
6°C 15°C
Südosten Region Österreich | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark

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