Bike Riding Kunsttrail (Art Trail), Gleisdorf region - Touren-Impression #1 | © Oststeiermark Tourismus Bike Riding Kunsttrail (Art Trail), Gleisdorf region - Touren-Impression #1 | © Oststeiermark Tourismus

Kunsttrail (Art Trail), Gleisdorf region

The “Art Trail” is a (cycle) path through various communities around Gleisdorf, which leads along art objects through the region.

In the Gleisdorf region there are a number of attractive places and art objects in public spaces that have so far received little attention. In 2023, a so-called “Art Trail” was installed, with which a continuous (cycle) path was created for the first time through the communities of Gleisdorf, Albersdorf-Prebuch, Ludersdorf-Wilfersdorf, Hofstätten/Raab and St. Ruprecht/Raab, which runs along art objects through the region leads. In total, the circular route covers a distance of approx. 48 km. Information boards and stickers provide information about the sculptures/objects and artistic buildings along the way and their builders, which bring art in public spaces into focus.



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  • We start at the Gleisdorf Solar Stadium, where we can already examine the first art object - the sculpture “The World in Our Hands” - and drive clockwise to the first intersection and turn right into Mühlwaldstrasse, cross the railway tracks and continue straight along Bahnhofstrasse until we arrive at an intersection again.
  • There we ride on the bike path - essentially against the one-way traffic - more or less straight over into Bürgergasse. In the first right-hand bend we see the Intersport sports shop on the right and turn left, where constantly changing exhibitions are presented in the shop window, the so-called “Zeit.Raum (Time.Area)”, directly in front of the archery shop (Ashs Archery).
  • Then continue towards the main square and at the end of the alley you will see the Solar tree on the left directly in front of the church - the landmark of the solar town of Gleisdorf. Here we turn right over Florianiplatz to the town hall, past there and find the “Memorial” behind the town hall and Chance B. Then we go back the same way, where we find a place at the front of the town hall that belongs to the “MiR (the museum in town hall)” and shows works of art by Richard Ludersdorfer.

  • Then we drive back to the church and after the vicarage parking lot, we turn right (directly after Red Zac Kurtz) into Kernstockgasse, where after the Kernstock parking lot we reach the newly designed art object of the private “Wolf Collection”.
  • At the next intersection we follow the one-way road to the right, cross the small roundabout in the valley, drive past the high school and, immediately after the child's house, turn right into Alois-Grogger-Gasse, where we find the blue building (“Alois-Grogger-Gasse 10”) sprayed by street artist Frankie Strand, which houses, among other things, the Time-Out youth center.
  • After about 200 m we see the town hall and before that we turn left into Rathausgasse, drive to the end and then follow Fürstenfelder Straße to the left again to the SPAR, where we first turn left briefly opposite and then right again into Moosgrabenstrasse until after around 100 m we turn right again onto Fürstenfelder Straße. Right there we see a small rest area with a table and benches and the next art object, the sculpture “Community Encounter”.
  • We continue on the cycle path for around 3 km, always smart climbing, until after crossing the motorway and on the right we find the “Art.Hot.Spot Hofstätten/Raab”, a squirrel made of horseshoes, the heraldic animal of the municipality of Hofstätten.
  • Then the trail continues for around 1.5 km towards Fürstenfeld and on the left we find the rear entrance to the “Arnwiesen motorway rest station”, which was built according to plans by Karl Hodina and represents the next work of art on our tour.
  • Back towards Gleisdorf we turn right at the first opportunity into a side street, the so-called Kaltenbrunnerweg, and now drive downhill and under the motorway. Once we reach the bottom, we first turn right and then immediately left again and end up again on Fürstenfelder Straße, where we continue to the right.
  • Immediately afterwards we turn right towards "Buschenschank Seyfried". There the path first takes us uphill, past the Kaltenbrunnerhof, and in front of the Nitscha daycare centern we turn left. Immediately afterwards we see the Nitscha Volunteer Fire Department and at the end of the parking lot in front of it we see the “Nitscha Death March Memorial”. We continue driving, cross the next intersection and finally reach Wechselbundesstrasse, where the "Bergwirt" is right in front of it. There we can take a short break and refresh ourselves with a cool drink.
  • We drive next to the main road, past the "Buschenschank Schantl" and after a few 100 meters turn left into Apfelstrasse. Exactly at the junction we find the “Art.Hot.Spot Albersdorf-Prebuch” – the panther with the Styrian apple. The path takes us to the “Apfelschlössl” and the "Prebuch volunteer fire department". There we continue straight ahead to the “Prebuch Chapel” and turn around again, drive back to the fire department, then turn right and follow Apfelstrasse.
  • After about 1.5 km we turn right again - towards “Kernkapelle”. After a short break and sightseeing, we continue to the next intersection, where we turn left onto Dietmannsdorfweg and then leave it after 600 meters via Arndorfer Wald-Weg towards Arndorf.
  • After the town of Arndorf, we continue towards the “Kunstpark St. Ruprecht” – the cultural flagship of the region. We turn left into the center of St. Ruprecht/Raab, where the “Foucault Pendulum and the Art.Hot.Spot St. Ruprecht” are right next to the street.
  • Immediately afterwards we turn left onto Bahnhofstrasse and, just before the train station, turn right along the railway embankment until we almost end up at the main road in the direction of Gleisdorf, but shortly before that we turn right onto the side street to turn left at the underpass in the direction of Wollsdorf turn. After a while we come to the Langweg intersection, where shortly afterwards on the right at the bus stop we will find a stickering for the “Wall of Biodiversity”.  When we look to the right we see the original - the wall - a little off the path.
  • Continuing straight ahead along the village road from Wollsdorf to Albersdorf, we leave the path after the Albersdorf-Prebuch municipal office to the left into Loder Weg, where after a few 100 meters we find “Lisi's Garden of Friendship” on the right.
  • The next art venue is the Styrian Panther (“Art.Hot.Spot Gleisdorf”), which is located right at the large roundabout that connects the streets from Weiz, Hartberg and the Graz motorway.
  • We turn left on the cycle path and along Hartberger Strasse for a short distance to get through the underpass under the main road. There you will find the "Lidl" and a Chinese restaurant, then turn right and past the "Gleisdorf car dealership", past the "XXX-Lutz" over Ziegelgasse and left into Weizer Strasse, then turn right briefly and then left again along the street Train tracks. We stay left, drive past the GEZ (Gleisdorf Shopping Mall) and turn right at the traffic lights to turn right again at the railway crossing towards Ludersdorf.
  • In Ludersdorf we take a short detour to the Ludersdorf-Wilfersdorf municipal office, where there is an sculpture from Winfried Lehmann in style of Joan Miró. Then we continue on the original path - just over the roundabout - we follow the road towards Laßnitzthal, along the railway tracks, which we cross on the first slope of the road on the left towards Ungerdorf.
  • We follow the description uphill to “Europaberg”, follow the road and signs to “Kleeberg” and drive down to “Art in the Retention Basin” in Labuch. Then we go back a little bit and continue - past the "Schwab inn", straight ahead after the bridge - towards the Gleisdorf riding club - then we turn left and drive under the motorway underpass to cross the railway tracks and turn left before the main road to the turn into Hütter Farm, where we can find the next art object, the “Silo on the Farm”.
  • From there we continue towards Gleisdorf, pass the roundabout with the “sun rings” and turn left there, drive past the "Diesel cinema" to the next roundabout, which we leave again via the cycle path on the left, first drive under the train tracks and then under the motorway, after we keep to the right and finally find ourselves at the starting point of the art trail - the Gleisdorf solar stadium.

The solar stadium is available to football fans all year round, includes many playing fields and a grandstand for a total of 700 football enthusiasts.

Fahrpläne und Reiseinformationen - und ob die Mitnahme von Fahrrädern möglich ist - finden Sie auf der Website der Österreichischen Bundesbahn  (wie auch unter Verkehrsauskunft Verbundlinie). 

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Parkplätze gibt es direkt beim Solarstadion.

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