Biking in Autumn | © TV Erlebnisregion Graz | Mias Photoart Biking in Autumn | © TV Erlebnisregion Graz | Mias Photoart
    For beginners, e-bike users, gourmets and connoisseurs 

    Leisure cycling in Styria

    In the region surrounding Graz, the Capital of Delight, joie de vivre is our top priority! There’s more than enough to keep you entertained: beautiful natural scenery, historic cultural monuments and modern art, stunning views and panoramas, secluded lakes for swimming, traditional specialities and modern haute cuisine, freshly brewed beer and crispy local wine, long hiking trails and a varied network of cycle paths

    „Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.“
    John F. Kennedy

    Looking for something special?


    South, east, north or west: In Styria, the compass needle always points towards cycling bliss. Get onto your bike and discover the region’s top cycle routes!

    By the way: You can find a detailed description of all routes and trails (including altitude profiles and special tips) in our brochure “Leisure cycling in Graz Region”. Download the brochure now and discover new favourite spots! 

    From culinary to cycling pleasure

    Discover highlights along the way

    Graz, the “capital of delight”, is all about enjoyment. After all, there is plenty to see, do and enjoy in Graz. For instance, breathtaking nature, historical monuments and contemporary art. Fantastic views and lovely swimming lakes. Traditional specialities and award-winning modern cuisine. Freshly brewed beer and fine wine. Marvellous hiking trails and picturesque picnic spots. Plus: a varied network of cycle routes!  

    No traffic jams or parking problems

    Explore Graz on two wheels

    Exploring Graz on two wheels is hassle-free and environmentally friendly. If you would like to venture past the city limits, many of the region’s best attractions and excursion destinations can be reached by bike. Time to recharge your batteries? Then how about a relaxed picnic? There’s always a nice picnic spot nearby! Passionate cyclists can choose from various experiences.

    Sporty and action-packed or relaxed and laid-back

    Explore Styria by bike

    Styria offers varied routes and trails for all tastes and skill levels.
    With its rather flat terrain, the south is ideal for leisure cyclists. As the name suggests, the East Styrian Hills are perfect for cyclists who love a bit of up and down. If you’re looking for more challenging trails and ascents, look no further than the Graz mountains in the north or the Lipizzanerheimat region. Did you know that they are also perfect for e-bike tours?

    Welcome to the main cycle route in the Graz Region.

    Mur cycle path and river cycling

    Styria’s longest and doubtless most famous riverside cycle path starts at Hohe Tauern National Park in the province of Salzburg. It leads to the wine-growing areas and the Styrian spa country in the southeast of Styria. At its halfway point, it crosses through Graz Region – an invitation to fall in love. 

    Our tip: In addition to the Mur cycle path, the region boasts numerous other great cycle routes. Many of them can be combined with the Mur cycle path and a tour of the city of Graz, as well as with each other.



    Biking in Frohnleiten | © Michaela Pfleger | Mias Photoart
    Frohnleiten | © TV Erlebnisregion Graz | Tom Lamm
    Biking in Graz | © Graz Tourismus | Tom Lamm

    Pleasure to the power of seven 

    PLEASURE CYCLING nearby the home of lipizzaners

    Seven pleasurable cycling highlights are waiting for avid cyclists in the Lipizzanerheimat region. The area surrounding Piber stud farm, the home of the famous Lipizzaner stallions, boasts seven great cycle routes with different difficulty levels.

    The seven leisure cycling routes take you through the hills of western Styria, up and down gentle hillocks and past meadows, vineyards, castles and beautiful farmsteads. On most of the tours, you can catch a glimpse of the elegant white horses – a highlight not just for horse lovers! The animals’ gentle neighing accompanies cyclists riding along the meadows of Piber stud farm and as far as the surrounding Alpine pastures. 

    Green nature, precious cultural treasures and much more!

    Culinary Delights

    Lush green nature, cultural treasures, picturesque wine taverns or picnics at the vineyard: Enjoyment in many shapes and sizes is waiting for avid cyclists all around the region. 

    Also don’t miss the region’s famous Schilcher wine! The legendary wine with its pink to onion skin colour only grows in western Styria, predominantly along the Schilcher wine route.



    •    Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour:  a delicious circular route through the Styrian wine-growing area.
                                                                              The 400-kilometre tour passes directly through the city of Graz.
    •    Cycling events: Ride Around Graz, Tour de Mur, Grazer City Radeln

    So that the fun of cycling does not fall by the wayside, there are bike stores everywhere near the bike routes.

    Bicycle - Fahrradverleih am Hauptbahnhof Graz
    Tel: +43 (0)316 / 82 13 57 34

    Fahrradhandel & Service
    Bierbaum 44
    8141 Premstätten
    Tel: +43 / 664 / 3007075

    Rad Fuchs
    Hauptstr. 227
    8401 Kalsdorf bei Graz
    Tel: +43 / 3135 / 52195

    SSC Karl Klupatschek
    Sport Cafe
    Schönaugürtel 3
    8130 Frohnleiten
    Tel: +43 / 680 / 144 11 81

    Fahrradreparatur Stoney Custombike
    Gewerbepark Süd 6
    8114 Deutschfeistritz
    Tel: +43 / 676 6286934

    Zweirad Janger
    Kirchengasse 4
    8112 Gratwein
    Tel: +43 (0 )3124 512 38

    Zweirad Bratschko
    Hauptplatz 2
    8580 Köflach 
    Tel. +43 3144 / 2764



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