Styria: The Green Heart of Austria

Four landscape types characterise the green heart and mean enjoyment from the glacier to the wine as well as excitement from night racing to Formula One.

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Written by:
Ute Hödl

Mountains & forests

Between the Dachstein, Hochschwab, Zirbitzkogel and Almenland, between floodplains and in gorges, the green heart spreads its vigour as the most forest-rich and therefore greenest state (approximately 60% of the forest, i.e. 850 million trees).

These landscapes, especially in the north of the country, are ideal for hiking, cycling, skiing, cross-country skiing and touring ... or just for relaxing.

  • The special tip in summer: The hiking route "From the Glacier to the Wine". 548 km lead along the northern route in 35 stages from the king of the mountains, the Dachstein, to the healthy thermal springs to Bad Radkersburg. 25 stages over 376 km on the southern passage lead from the Dachstein to wine country to Leibnitz. If you prefer to cycle: The "Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour" leads on an approximately 400 km long circuit to mainly culinary and cultural destinations.
  • The special tip in the winter: The FamilienSkiFest Styria [Family Ski Festival], which starts the active winter in December with special offers for children in particular.

Wine & Gardens

The delicatessen of Austria. The orchard of Austria. Whatever Styria is called, one thing is certain: it is the most fertile state in Austria (especially in the south), which produces culinary delights of great quality and variety, from apples to Swiss stone pine.

Styrians are very aware of this treasure centred around the culinary trilogy of wine, pumpkins (seed oil) and apples, which contributes significantly to the Styrian lifestyle.

  • The special tip here: a holiday with a picnic in the spring, a holiday "from the harvest to enjoyment" in autumn.

Thermal water & spring water

The thermal springs are one of the mainstays of Styrian tourism, all year round. They represent the ideal basis for "regeneration with natural resources" and offer a harmonious holiday experience through modern health services.

Fresh spring water is more than just a food: lush springs and rushing water taps from which healthy drinking water gushes serve as a source for tingling regeneration and a unique natural experience.

  • The special tip: "Green power of Styria" offers relaxation and stimulation through the power of nature and the encounter with the "green power companion".
  • Styrian treatments from the apple to the stone pine simply do your mind and body well. Styrian thermal water has proven to be stress-reducing.

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