Cycling in Styria

Discover and enjoy the green heart of Austria on two wheels.

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The fragrances of nature, the coolness of the forests and the warmth of the south. Listening to the voice of nature while making good progress – cycling is a special kind of travel and becomes a special travel experience in particular in Styria, which is so varied in landscape and is fully developed with numerous cycle paths. There is something for everyone here: whether it's pleasure cycling, cycling along the waters of the country, special cycle paths for the little ones or mountain biking.

On a discovery trip through the Green March with a wide range of possibilities, such as the Mur cycle path, Enns cycle path, as well as many mountain bike regions.

Always following the water - Along Mur and Enns

Ride through the green landscape of Styria and watch the bubbling springs and rivers. Over more than 1,000 kilometres, the Styrian rivers are accompanied by cycling paths across the whole country.

  • The classic: over 365 kilometres the Mur cycling path follows Styria's main river from its origin in Lungau with a lot of nature and culture through the cities of Leoben and Graz, to the thermal springs region in the south of Styria, where the river leaves the country at Bad Radkersburg.
  • Another tip - the Enns cycle path: from the Enns source with powerful mountains such as the Dachstein, through the national parks of the Gesäuse and Kalkalpen to the Danube. The attractions range from impressive Grimming to Trautenfels Castle and Admont Abby to the trading town of Steyr and Upper Austria's oldest town Enns.

Pleasure cycling in Styria

Cycling is in itself a pleasure that can only be surpassed if you include your palate and stomach. This is exactly the goal of the approximately 30 pleasure cycling trails that lead through the south and east of Styria. Discovering the tracks of pumpkin seed oil, the runner bean or wine on two wheels not only is a lot of fun, but also makes for a clean conscience ;-)

  • Special tip: The Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour. With a total of 8 stages and a little more than 400 kilometres, it is not just about the bike ride through the vineyards and eight wine routes in the south and east of Styria. Along the eight stages there are varied landscapes, cultural treasures, as well as culinary delicacies and Styrian personalities that will inspire you and make the cycling trip into a special and enjoyable experience.

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