Cross-country skiing in Styria

On the trail of your dreams in the cross-country skiing paradise of Styria

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Deep snowy landscapes, crisp mountain air and fantastic panoramas in the 16 cross-country ski regions with the cross-country seal of quality. You can feel your body and find your personal rhythm. Enjoy the silence and breathe. Leave the stress and chaos behind, and strengthen your vitality and endurance.

"Cross-country skiing is young and trendy, healthy, smart and sexy", says Dr. Alois Stadlober, who is the Nordic Sports Coordinator of Styria and the cross-country relay world champion of 1999, so he clearly knows what he is talking about.

5500: Cross-country skiing at dusk © Styria Tourism /

Facts about cross country skiing:

  • 600 muscles are used simultaneously.
  • Your heart and circulation can be trained.
  • It protects your joints
  • You lose weight without noticing while enjoying fantastic scenery

"The special thing about cross-country skiing, however, is that it does a great job of clearing your head", says Alois Stadlober. "So not only do you stay on track, but the stress of everyday life is also left behind on the route. And in the evening, you then feels how positively your body reacts to it. Cross-country skiing is also easy to learn. In short: if you can walk, you can also cross-country ski", he continues.

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