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Recharge your batteries in the forests of Murau

Forest bathing: Experience nature in the Murau region

Nature lovers find plenty of opportunities for forest bathing in the Murau region, one of Austria’s most densely wooded areas.

In 1980, scientists started researching the beneficial effects of forest bathing. The result: They were able to prove the healing powers of forest bathing. The deep connection to the living processes of nature stimulates the senses and the immune system. If you spend time in the forest, you experience an intense connection to a primal environment where it’s easy to find yourself.

Other benefits of forest bathing:

  • In the forest, your body can recover and regenerate, making it better equipped to deal with everyday challenges such as stress.
  • Forest bathing boosts your immune system.
  • Fresh forest air has positive effects on the central nervous system and improves sleep quality.

All these beneficial effects are even increased by exercise. Reason enough to head to the woods – a natural power spot you can easily explore on foot or by bike!

Forest bathing at Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park

Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park is one of Styria’s oldest nature parks. In addition to leisure activities such as hiking, cycling and swimming, it offers ample opportunities for forest bathing in summer.

Special offers at the Nature Park make it easy for guests to get close to nature – whether it’s during a forest bathing afternoon or a multi-day holiday. Professional coaches accompany the participants during their forest bathing experience, showing them the best ways to recharge their batteries.

However, forest bathing is only one activity you can enjoy during a soothing holiday in the Murau region.

Experience wood in the Murau region

A timber museum, a timber road and many more attractions revolving around the raw material of wood: Experience Murau, the timber capital of Austria!

In total, you can find more than 90 Holzwelt stations throughout Austria’s most densely wooded area.

Natural highlights in the Murau region