Graz und Region Graz

UNESCO World Heritage Site and city of design: Austria's second largest city impresses with its incredible offering. Whether a culture lover, gourmet, shopping fanatic, athlete, art lover or nature lover, everyone will love it here. It's also not too far from exciting excursion destinations and wine country.

The futuristic looking Murinsel and the Graz Art Museum fit harmoniously into the old town. The opera, theatre, open-air and cabaret theatres and the cathedral in the mountain offer everything the heart desires - from classic opera or drama to the Diagonale Film Festival, from styriarte to the street art festival La Strada or ""Aufsteirern". Don't forget Graz Advent with the heavenly lighting, ice nativity set and atmospheric Christmas markets.

But cuisine is another major topic! Cosy, authentic Styrian food or stylish modern restaurants - quality is top priority in Austria's only culinary capital. From the city to the country in 10 minutes with tremendous opportunities to dive into enchanting nature and culture: the Kesselfallklamm [gorge] is wildly romantic, the Lurgrotte is mysterious, the Schöckl mountain is sporty, the Austrian sculpture park is full of art, the Rein Abbey and the Austrian open-air museum in Stübing are impressive and Frohnleiten is picturesque. There are festivals, theatre and culinary events everywhere you look. If you want to discover these places by bike, the Mur cycling path and the Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour are just the things for you. Both tours combine the old town with the striking Schlossberg [castle mountain] right in the middle of the most beautiful destinations of the Graz region.

Municipalities in Graz and the Graz region

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Graz und Region Graz
In Deutschfeistritz, located about 20 km north of Graz, you can get to know all of Austria in just a few hours. There is a lot to discover in the 100 historic original buildings from many centuries ...
Graz und Region Graz
Things get sporty to the west of Graz! Dobl-Zwaring not only offers a sports and leisure facility with a tennis court, but also a playing and active park, a model flying field, the Dobl loop hiking ...
Graz und Region Graz
Eggersdorf is a centre for sports and health in the recreational area of Graz. The range of offers spans from the modern natural experience pool to a large sports complex with a Finnish track, ...
Graz und Region Graz
The indisputable highlight far beyond the municipal and regional borders are the passion plays. Father monsignor Josef Gschanes launched the "Play of Life, Suffering, Death and Resurrection of ...
Graz und Region Graz
A particularly beautiful place is Fernitz-Mellach, about 12 km south of the capital of Graz. It's not for nothing that Fernitz already won its 6th title of "Most Beautiful Styrian Flower Village" ...

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