Theme path Head track (Kopfspur) - entire length - Touren-Impression #1 | © Gabi Grandl Theme path Head track (Kopfspur) - entire length - Touren-Impression #1 | © Gabi Grandl

Head track (Kopfspur) - entire length

This hike is a strenuous day hike or can be split into 2 day stages.
The "Kopfspur" (Head track) sets out from the train station Feldbach. In Raabau the trail passes innovative farms that offer tasty specialties. What may or may not be heard is going to surprise prick-eared hikers in Lödersdorf, from where the trail ascends Frauenkogel. Several amazing views accompany hikers to Riegersburg, the historic village with its characteristic basalt vent that is home to the impressive fortress. It braved numerous sieges and remained untaken through all centuries. Next, the trail passes castle Kornberg, where one may stop for some culinary delights. Innovations inspire the spirit here and the ear listens to history. The following hill offers great views spanning from the Alps to the Pannonian Plain as well as way back into the past. The trail finally leads back to Feldbach.

Feldbach / Left head trail
The network of hiking trails on the "traces of volcanoes" in Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark shows the image of a human being. A buffet of images opens up between extinct volcanoes. Let your nose be guided with myths in your ears and delicacies on your palate! If you wish, you can combine this tour with the Right Head Trail and thus hike the entire Head Trail. Either as an extended day tour or divided into two days. Then there is also more time to enjoy.

Feldbach / Right Head Trail
The Right Head Trail combines pleasures of the palate with feasts for the eyes. If you wish, you can combine this tour with the Left Head Trail and thus hike the entire Head Trail. Either as an extended day tour or divided into two days. Then there is also more time to enjoy.



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7:30 h
608 hm
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407 m
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Left Trail of the Head
We start the eastern part of the Kopfspur in Lödersdorf, where it's all about hearing. You will be amazed at what can be heard and overheard! From the station, past the church, we soon find ourselves on a forest path and then up the hill with beautiful views to Kleinbergl. From here, we can already look over to the majestic Riegersburg on the imposing volcanic rock. The castle has withstood many attempts by conquerors and has remained untaken throughout the years.The route continues downhill into the Grazbach valley, which got its name not from the provincial capital, but from the fortress (gradec in Slavic) of Riegersburg Castle. Past the lakeside bath, which invites you to cool off, we reach the historical town. Via the market square, past the church and the castle entrance, we walk along the pavement downhill to the roundabout to reach the "Damische Kathl" via Altenmarkt. Geomantically, it is the female counterpart to the power pole of the Riegersburg. Have a try and see if you can grasp this impression as well. From here the path continues quite flat to the Zotter chocolate factory. Instead of continuing to follow the trail markings to Kornberg Castle, we hike south on trail no. 786 to arrive at Schützing. From here, uphill again, we reach the Kopfspur (Trail of the Head) again on the Konixberg soon after the wayside cross. With a beautiful view of Feldbach and the Raab valley, we stay on the hill and walk down through the forest path to Raabau. It is worth visiting the farm shop at the Raabauer Eisvogel. Without any further ascents, we lightly hike along the edge of the Raab valley back to Lödersdorf.For public arrival, if the 2-day stage is preferred for the circular route, the start/finish in Feldbach offers the advantage of having a sound infrastructure.

Right Trail of the head
From Feldbach railway station heading east, we soon arrive at the Konixberg over the railway tracks. Here we enjoy the wonderful view of the Raab valley. We leave the official signposting and take the hiking trail no. 786 north at the road to the Krenn dairy farm near the wooden cross as a shortcut. This leads us first down to Schützing and then back up the next hill to finally reach the Zotter chocolate factory on a fairly flat hill. Here the mouth gets its money's worth. Let's indulge!Feeling refreshed, we cross the Dörfler Graben after a short section of road and approach Kornberg Castle. With its pentagonal ground layout, it represents a true rarity and beauty. Curious visitors are welcome to take a look at the inner courtyard. We recommend joining a guided tour, visiting one of the changing exhibitions or the castle chapel of St. Andrew.We continue and then cross the Auersbach valley and reach the Gniebingberg through the forest between the ponds. There we are rewarded with a wonderful panorama. A hail defence rocket hut still reminds us of the time when all kinds of projectiles were used to try to ward off thunderstorms and thus save the harvest. On our way further through the forest into the Raab valley, we may even have the opportunity to visit a burial ground from the Hallstatt period (7th century B.C.).Slightly further ahead on the Auersberg, we find a landscape bench. From here we already catch a glimpse of Feldbach with the most colourful church tower in the world. Arriving at the main road, we can briefly go left to the hotel and restaurant Herbst for refreshments before following the route to the railway station. In the shopping town of Feldbach we have reached our final destination.An enjoyable way to start a multi-day hike is to begin with the 2-day stage of the Kopfspur and hike a 3rd stage along the Rückgrat ("Spine", as the volcanic hills are strung out like our vertebrae) via the Mühlstein quarry to Bad Gleichenberg. Decent hotels provide accommodation for the nights between the hikes.
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