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Sausaler Tour

The Sausaler Tour has something to offer every taste - wonderful views, a varied landscape and lots of wine taverns to call into. 
Our chosen starting point for the route is the town of Heimschuh. The Kremsner power plant/oil mill is located in Mantrach, and is also worth a visit. In Pistorf, heading in the direction of Sankt Andrä, it is possible to visit a chapel. A beautiful panoramic view provides a feast for the eyes on the Demmerkogel mountain. The Demmerkogel and Schmetterlingswiese viewing platforms are not far from the biggest klopotec in Austria, which is also close to a number of forest and nature trails and numerous wine taverns. The Winzerhaus Nature Park is situated in the centre of Sankt Nikolai in the Sausal valley; the Nature Park Center in Grottenhof is the perfect place to stop for a rest. The South Styria Nature Park lies to the south of the region, on the border with Slovenia, and is home to 40,000 people across an area of 400 km². We will pay a visit to the Natur Park Museum, stop to refuel briefly at the restaurant, and spend a little time admiring the wide variety of plant species in the landscaped park with landscaped pool and children's playground.


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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
56,4 km
4:30 h
644 hm
644 hm
576 m
Highest point
268 m
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Description of arrival from the direction of Graz / Vienna:

Take autobahn (A9) from the direction of Graz to the Gralla exit. Continue on the B74 to Heimschuh.


Description of arrival from the direction of Deutschlandsberg:

Take the B76 to Kresbach and continue on the B74 towards St. Martin im Sulmtal, Gleinstätten and Heimschuh.


Description of arrival from the direction of Slovenia/Maribor:

Take the A1 in Slovenia across the border in Spielfeld. Continue on the A9 to the Gralla exit. Continue on the B74 to Heimschuh.

We start at the car park at the Gamlitz sports ground heading towards Großklein, walking 1.3 km along the state road towards Grubtal. The trail then begins to climb up towards Labitschberg/Kranachberg on quiet municipal roads, past the vineyards of Labitschberg and Kranachberg. A short stretch through the forest lies ahead. Then it's on for another 400 m or so west along the municipal roads, before a somewhat more challenging section through the forest begins on the right. After one kilometer of forest trail, we come to an asphalted municipal road and leave the municipality of Gamlitz behind, heading towards Kreuzberg. From here, the route continues along the municipal road up to Großklein, through the town towards the Saggau. The Wine Road tour first takes us along the Saggau river for a while, first sharing the route with the Two-River Tour, and then Sausaler Tour, on along the Sulmtal cycling trail R1 towards Heimschuh and on to Kaindorf an der Sulm. After passing the old railway bridge, the stretch runs along the Lassnitz river towards Erlebnisbad Leibnitz water park. Passing the Erlebnisbad Leibnitz, we finally come to the Murradweg at Landscha via the municipal road of Wagna. We follow the R2 signposting (Murradweg) towards Spielfeld. At the Murbrücke in Ehrenhausen (bridge), it is possible to shorten the tour to end in Gamlitz via Ehrenhausen, or to continue onwards via Spielfeld and the South Styrian Wine Road. Once in Spielfeld, we cycle over the Murbrücke bridge, thus leaving the Murradweg R2 behind us. Passing through Spielfeld and along the road accompanying the federal road, we finally begin the ascent to Graßnitz on the South Styrian Wine Road. From the Plac mountain, the route passes the Weingut Tement wine estate situated on the South Styrian Wine Road. As cyclists, we see a lot of the Slovenian border. White boundary stones accompany us for a couple of kilometers towards the municipality of Ratsch an der Weinstraße. After 12 km on the South Styrian Wine Road, we pass the Lubekogel and return to Gamlitz via Sernau on the municipal roads.
Visit one of our oil mills.
Information about train and bus:
Parking space at municipal office in Heimschuh.
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What the weather will be like

Kitzeck im Sausal (559m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
15 km/h
The day will be dry, but mostly cloudy with occasional sunny spells.
10 km/h
15 km/h
5 km/h
Partly sunny in the morning, gradually becoming cloudy in the afternoon.
9°C 18°C
8°C 17°C
8°C 18°C

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