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The Schilcherland backpack is a light, airy companion when exploring the numerous hiking trails in Schilcherland. It offers several pockets for storage and is easy to adjust. Colour: Red with white border and Schilcherland logo

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Region Southern Styria

Southern Styria is an absolute insider tip: small, fine and yet so diverse and interesting. One would think that in this wine region paradise and Schlaraffenland have formed a joint venture. The sole purpose of the joint business activity: enjoyment on all lines. The mild climate ensures particularly fertile soil and Mediterranean flair. It is therefore not surprising that one is welcomed with open arms in southern Styria and pampered according to all the rules of the culinary art. And there is something for every taste, because from top-class wines, specialties in the Buschenschank to restaurants awarded with "hoods", you will find a culinary density and diversity in southern Styria that is unparalleled. However, the enjoyment does not only refer to the culinary delights, but also to the many activities in nature as well as the scenic diversity that the region has to offer: more than 75 hiking tours and over 500 km of developed bike path network, Europe's largest motor park or the most challenging pump track in Austria in Lebring. These are just a few of the highlights to choose from during a vacation in southern Styria. In addition, there are a variety of manufactories and wineries, where you can look over the shoulder of the producers at work during a guided tour. Culture enthusiasts also have a wide range of museums, castles and sights at their disposal. Southern Styria is therefore full of special features and surprises. Be curious what awaits you!

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  • 23/06/2023 - 23/06/2030

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