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Schnapps is female "For me, the best thing about distilling schnapps is having a product in hand from the beginning to the point of sale, from caring for the fruit crops and selecting the ripe fruit through the entire fermentation and distillation process to the individual design of the bottles." Waltraud Jöbstl - fine distiller Come with us to our museum.
See the old Bennkessel there. Then you can visit the show distillery where you can experience how the most varied of schnapps are made from fine fruit. Before you go to a brandy tasting, you can see our old barrel cellar.

Included services:
Guided tour through the museum to the old boiler
Visit the distillery and barrel cellar
Brandy tasting

Duration: 90 minutes

Time: Friday at 04.00 pm and Saturday at 10.30 am

Meeting point:
Waltraud Jöbstl distillery
At the Schilcherberg 2
8551 Wies

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Waltraud Jöbstl proves that distilling schnapps is not just a man's business.

The Styrian distillery JÖBSTL is one of the best distilleries in Europe. Waltraud Jöbstl has expanded her distillery into a show distillery. With a concentrated smell, taste and judgment, you can watch the winning distiller during the work processes - from mashing to filling. If you want to get to know the "burning farmer's wife", the best thing to do is to drive to the idyllic farm surrounded by orchards and vineyards. On site, you can be guided through the lovingly designed schnapps museum, taste award-winning brandies or get tips on which schnapps goes with which cheese and which cigar goes with which CIGAR brand ... "Guided tour & tasting:" Burning once & now! "Through the museum and the show distillery" Commented tastings "EDELBRAND & CHEESE" or tastings for groups of 10 people or more - by prior arrangement "Over 30 types of fine brandies," CIGAR "spirits with cigars, AURUM distillates and much more

Date and time

  • 02 February - 20 December 2023
    22 January - 20 December 2024
  • Saturday - Starting at 10:30 o'clock
    Friday - Starting at 16:00 o'clock

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