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culinary excellence

Graz - the capital of delight

Life can be enjoyed to the full in the capital of delight. Because eating, drinking and savouring is close to the hearts of us Styrians. Guests can expect Styrian hospitality, Mediterranean flair and, of course, regional specialities. Properly prepared, the result is a unique culinary journey of discovery for gourmets. And you are cordially invited to join us!

But what characterises Graz as the capital of delight? The Styrian capital is nestled in the beautiful landscape of the Graz Region. And here, not far from the city, you can find the most important ingredients of the Capital of delight Fruit, vegetables and wine of the highest quality can be sourced directly from the region. One particularly exclusive delicacy, prepared by regional restaurateurs, is supplied by the city itself - Burgundy truffles from the Leechwald forest. Together with the Styrian joie de vivre and the unique atmosphere of the old town, culinary delights become a way of life.

a night of culinary delights

Long table of Graz:

Graz celebrates indulgence. The annual highlight of this celebration of culinary delights is the Long Table. Against the backdrop of the Clock Tower, Schlossberg and Graz City Hall, the best that top regional gastronomy has to offer is served on the main square. This balmy summer evening of indulgence is of course accompanied by the best wines in the country.

Falter Ego city wine

Auf dem Grazer Kehlberg erzeugt Hannes Sabathi ein einzigartiges Produkt auf Grazer Boden. Zwar wurde der Kehlberg bereits im 12. Jahrhundert als Weinberg erwähnt, doch Hannes Sabathi hat ihm für seinen Stadtwein zu neuem Leben verholfen. Dank der Revitalisierung des Weinberges wird hier nicht nur Wein in Spitzenqualität angebaut, sondern auch die Osterluzei Pflanze und der dazugehörige Falter wieder angesiedelt. Ihm zu Ehren hat Hannes Sabathi seinen Stadtwein aud den Namen Falter Ego getauft. Zu kaufen gibt es die FALTER EGO Weine im Online-Shop oder bei den zahlreichen Partnern.

Hannes Sabathi produces a unique product on the Kehlberg in Graz. Although the Kehlberg was already mentioned as a vineyard in the 12th century, Hannes Sabathi has given it a new lease of life for his city wine. Thanks to the revitalisation of the vineyard, not only is top-quality wine grown here, but the Osterluzei plant and its butterfly have also been reintroduced. Hannes Sabathi has named his city wine Falter Ego in its honour. The FALTER EGO wines can be purchased in the online shop (in german only) or from the numerous partners (in german only).

culinary tours in the capital of delight

A culinary tour of Graz offers the perfect opportunity to get an overview of the extensive range of delicacies on offer in the capital city. You can choose whether you want to explore the city from above, in a convertible bus or on foot, whether you want to stroll through the farmers' market or hike up the Schlossberg, and whether the gourmet tour should be accompanied by wine or centred around beer. A special highlight at the turn of the year is the culinary New Year's Eve tour with seasonal delicacies to suit the occasion. Both the beer tour and the culinary city tour are accompanied by historical anecdotes and culinary stops. So here you can stroll and feast.

from the harvest to the plate

farmer marktes in the capital of delight Graz 

Graz the capital of delight thrives on its high-quality regional products. Here you can find all the ingredients for a high-quality flavour experience - from truffles from Graz's Leechwald forest to regional fruit and vegetables and the best wines in the country. So that you don't have to do without the culinary delights of the capital of flavours at home, you can find these ingredients at the traditional farmers' markets in Graz. 

The seasonal delicacies are on sale at the Kaiser Josef Market and the farmers' market on Lendplatz from Monday to Saturday from 06:00 to 13:00. Packed full of good things from the region, everyone can tinker with the perfect recipe themselves.

the farmers of the city

Regional cuisine is a central trademark of the Capital of Delight and the chefs in Graz are proud to be able to serve their guests products from the region of the highest quality. This quality is guaranteed by the farms in the Graz Region. They supply the restaurateurs with seasonal fruit and vegetables as well as wine, high-quality meat and fish. 

The product range of the local farmers is as diverse as the landscape of the region. From the gold of Styria, pumpkin seed oil, to Styrian horseradish and volcanic ham, and from Styrian wine to Graz beer. In addition to traditional products, the Styrian gourmet region also focuses on innovative cuisine. Examples of this on the menus include ginger from Styria and truffles from the Leechwald forest in Graz.

Graz truffle festival

Truffles are a regional highlight of Graz's culinary scene. That's why the Styrian capital hosts the international truffle festival every year. And the gourmet capital itself has nothing to hide in international comparison, as there are seven different varieties of the delicacy to be found in the Graz city forests.

The Truffle Festival takes a look at the diamonds of the kitchen from all sides. Accompanied by truffle experts on two and four legs, the truffle hike leads to the origin of the speciality in Graz's Leechwald forest. An international selection is on offer at the truffle market and truffles in their most creative forms can be savoured in the partner businesses of the GenussHauptstadt.