Counting the days to a winter break in Styria?

A supermodel snowman

Written by:
Julia Maierhofer, BA

The snowman has been THE symbol for winter, ever since the early 19th century when his jolly, round face and rotund figure began helping children and adults alike beat the winter blues: there's nothing quite like using freshly fallen snow to build a snowman, after all.  
For the 2019/20 winter season, Steiermark Tourismus is inviting visitors to be full of the joys of winter ‒ and get snowman-building. Preferably on a winter vacation to Styria. All you have to do then is upload your photos to Facebook from mid January to the end of February for a chance to win a family holiday, ski passes and admission to selected spas for the whole family. It's also the perfect reason to head for the Riesneralm before early February, where the plan is to build a 40-metre-high snowman in an attempt to make it into the Guinness Book of Records.

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