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Lobmingtaler Höhenweg from Grosslobming to Kleinlobming

The Lobmingtaler Höhenweg connects the villages Groß- and Kleinlobmin (Tour Nr. 45e.) and can be described as a sporty, varied hike, with beautiful ascents and descents, along forest and meadow areas. 
The Lobmingtaler Höhenweg connects the villages of Großlobming and Kleinlobming and can be described as a sporty, varied hike, with beautiful ascents and descents, along woodland and meadow areas. The newly marked and signposted hiking trail impresses with magnificent views in between, e.g. after the Gföller farm you have a magnificent view of the largest inner-alpine basin of Styria (Judenburg-Knittelfelder Becken) and the Seetaler, Seckauer and Wölzer Alps rising behind it. At a mean sea level of about 1000 m, the path leads through forests with light, panoramic sections until you reach the sunny side of the Kleinlobming. Through the last section of this hike you will get to know the surroundings of Kleinlobming in slight ups and downs and can enjoy the view into the valley at a special, somewhat hidden resting place. Kleinlobming convinces with a small, fine village center with good middle-class and well-known inns and a grocery store.


CONCLUSION: Everything that an enjoyable hike needs: at the beginning and at the end very good places to stop for refreshments, perfectly marked and signposted paths and numerous viewpoints along the hike.


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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
12,8 km
4:00 h
520 hm
390 hm
1056 m
Highest point
641 m
Lowest point

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Murtal Taxi, Tel.: +43 660 1018101, 8740 Zeltweg, www.murtal-taxi.at

Taxi Jäger, Tel.: +43 3512 44833, 8720 Knittelfeld

Taxi Steiner, Tel.: +43 3512 71718, 8720 Knittelfeld

We start in the center or at the parking lot of the Raiffeisenbank in Großlobming (1), 641 m, and follow the yellow signs with the inscription "Lobmingtaler Höhenweg". It goes through the center of the village in the direction of Kleinlobming and then left into the Sulzbachgraben. At the end of the avenue trees, we turn right, past the houses, and now follow the signs to the Jägerkreuz at the Lobmingtaler-Rosenkogel (2), 1008 m, uphill through the forest, along sunken and forest paths, some of them steeper. After a leisurely break, the trail goes slightly downhill, at the farm vlg. Gföller (3), 920 m, past the farm and continue slightly uphill along the asphalt road. During the ascent we have a wonderful view of the largest inner-alpine basin of Styria and the Seetaler, Seckauer and Wölzer Tauern Alps rising behind it. At the next crossing we keep right and hike on forest roads, at the farmstead vlg. Schachner farm.   The path is well marked and signposted and leads mainly through the forest. With the farm vlg. Kahlbauer (4), 915 m, we now reach the populated area on the sunny side of the Kleinlobming. Here there would also be the possibility to shorten the hike a bit and take the direct way over the road to Kleinlobming. We turn left at the Kahlbauer farm and are now parallel to the sunny side circular hiking trail. We continue along the gravel road until we see the turn-off with the yellow signs after a right turn. We follow the forest path, which turns into a hiking trail and leads to a wooden footbridge and fountain. Afterwards we follow the forest road slightly downhill and soon we see the signpost to Jausn-Platzl (8), 835 m. A cosy Platzl to enjoy the view into the valley. After the break we follow the forest road downhill until we reach the asphalt road in the valley. Here we turn right and follow the road to the center of Kleinlobming (5), 759 m.ben. 
Visit the "herb man" at the Großlobming school - this extraordinary herb garden, that provides completely new insights into the world of herbs.
The nearest train station is Knittelfeld. From here take bus line 847 to Großlobming or Kleinlobming. Please note that this line is only available to a very limited extent on weekends and during the holiday periods. Here you can cover the 5 km to Großlobming or 11 km to Kleinlobming with a regional taxi company - available directly at Knittelfeld train station. If you stay overnight in one of the companies, they also very often offer a pick-up service from the train station.


General information about public transport in the region: www.verbundlinie.at

Parkplatz der Raiffeisenbank in Großlobming

Anfahrt zum Parkplatz


Here you can eat & drink: 

  • Gasthaus Maislinger, Tel.: +43 3512 82125, 8734 Großlobming, Lindenweg 3, www.gh-maislinger.at
  • Gasthof Wulz, Tel.: +43 3512 829830, 8734 Großlobming, Hauptstraße 2
  • Gasthaus Rüf-Peterwirt, Tel.: +43 3512 83193, Hauptstraße 12, 8734 Lobmingtal, www.gasthaus-ruef.at
  • Cafe im Schablhof, Tel.: +43 664 99707944, 8734 Großlobming, Kirchengasse 1, www.cafeimschablhof.at
  • Cafe & Kegelbahn Glatz, Tel.: +43 3512 82870, 8743 Großlobming, Weißkirchnerstraße 7
  • G‘Schlössl Murtal, Tel.: +43 3512 46904, 8734 Lobmingtal, Murhof 1, www.gschloessl-murtal.at
  • Gasthaus Murstüberl, Tel.: +43 664 3045045, 8734 Großlobming, Mursiedlung 24, www.camping-murinsel.at

Shop & Post office:

  • Lebensmittelgeschäft Grita Moser-Grün, Tel.: +43 3512 82901, 8734 Großlobming, Kirchengasse 2



Restaurants / B & B

  • Gasthof Landhotel Hubmann, Tel.: +43 3516 2238, 8734 Kleinlobming, Meranstraße 9, www.gasthof-hubmann.at
  • Gasthof Lobmingerhof, Tel.: +43 3516 2364, 8734 Lobmingtal, Liftstraße 13, www.lobmingerhof.at


  • Lebensmittelgeschäft ADEG Hörbinger, Tel.: +43 3516 2217, 8734 Lobmingtal, Dorfstraße 28


More information: 

Region Murtal: www.murtal-herzklopfen.at

Tourismus am Spielberg: www.region-spielberg.at

Gemeinde Lobmingtal: www.lobmingtal.at


What the weather will be like

Großlobming (642m)

0 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Fairly sunny with scattered clouds. Showers will be possible towards evening.
0 km/h
0 km/h
5 km/h
Thick clouds through the day. Light rain will start in the morning. Finally also a chance of thunderstorms.
11°C 22°C
12°C 24°C
8°C 16°C

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