Hiking route Kreiskogel - Winterleiten - Touren-Impression #1 | © Tourismusverband Murau Hiking route Kreiskogel - Winterleiten - Touren-Impression #1 | © Tourismusverband Murau

Kreiskogel - Winterleiten

This is a fantastic hike, but you shouldn't skimp on fitness and endurance.
There are a total of 14 peaks over 2000m along the Seetal Alps, the highest elevation being the Zirbitzkogel at 2,396m. Beautiful circular hike in a high alpine region with easy-to-walk paths. Magnificent views of the Hohe Tauern, the entire Lower Tauern, the Eisenerzer Alps, the Seckau Alps, the Hochschwab, the Stubalpe, the Koralpe, the Saualpe, the Steiner Alps and the Julian Alps in Slovenia and the Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park.



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18,5 km
8:30 h
1505 hm
1505 hm
2376 m
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Coming from Judenburg via Unzmarkt to Scheifling. Always go straight on until you reach Neumarkt. Turn left here and drive over mills to the Tonnerhütte.

Coming from Tamsweg via Ranten (or Stadl an der Mur) drive to Murau. Turn right here and drive via Laßnitz, St. Lambrecht and Mariahof to Neumarkt. Turn left here and drive over mills to the Tonnerhütte.

You start at the Tonnerhütte, go east and follow the slightly ascending forest path to the first bend. Immediately from the bend, the footpath branches off to the right and turns towards the right edge of the ski slope. You follow the course of the slope, climbing moderately, passing the mountain station of the lift until the path leads us to the Hohe Hald and to the rock with the mark "1,800m". About 20 m above we turn off towards the Kulmer Hütte. Uphill you cross until you reach a channel near a stone wall and a boulder with a wooden cross, 1,940m. To the left of the stone wall you hike without a path to its upper end at 2,070m. Keeping left, we walk past quartz blocks uphill to the military road. Immediately after the left bend, path 315 branches off and takes us to the ridge near the Lindersattel, 2,300m. (Deep view of Lindersee)

Follow the ridge to the north towards the radar station on the Scharfer Eck, 2,364m. From the junction of the Schreiber-Steig on the west side of the Scharfer Ecke, 2,364m, you go down slightly over the Ochsenbodenhöhe, 2,292m to the Podmenik Cross. Now you go slightly uphill in a northerly direction until the path near the summit turns into a blocky ridge to the summit of the Kreiskogel, 2,306m. From the Kreiskogel follow the marking 315A to the NE, until you reach a wide saddle in front of the Speikkogel (1,927m). From the saddle, the path turns to the right (S) and leads over a short steep section to the "Leitner Hütte", which is located on a small hill in front of the Großer Winterleitensee. From the Leitner Hut you go slightly downwards to the NE past the ÖDK Hut to the Winterleiten Hut, 1,782m (refreshments available). From the Winterleitenhütte on the south side of the Kleiner Winterleitensee, follow marker 32, the slightly ascending path to the Großer Winterleitensee.

Follow the markings 308/315, the slightly ascending path to the S to the Ochsenboden. The path now leads us out of the cirque onto the ridge via the Schreiber-Steig. From here you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Zirbitzkogel opposite and the Linder Valley with the Linder Lake. The path leads over the mountain slope that slopes steeply to the SE from Scharfen Eck and climbs slightly to the Lindertalsattel, 2,300m between Scharfem Eck and the Zirbitzkogel. From the Lindertalsattel you go SE slightly uphill to the Zirbitzkogel shelter (refreshments available).

Follow the short climb to the SW to the summit of the Zirbitzkogel, 2,396m. At the fork in the forest path, about 100 m after the left-hand bend, turn left (NW) and follow the gently sloping forest path. Before the entrance to a weekend house, go slightly uphill to the right until you reach an electric fence. After passing the fence, we follow the path at the same height through sparse high forest until it meets an old forest path in a small valley, which leads slightly uphill towards Hohe Hald (NE) to a forest path. Follow the slightly ascending forest path to the N (left) to the end of the holiday home area. Before the last holiday homes, the NW route branches off to the SE (right) and leads past the mountain station of the ski lift to the path leading up from the Tonner Hut to the Zirbitzkogel.

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Public parking spaces are available directly at the Tonnerhütte (note: chargeable!).
The ideal time for this tour is from May to September. Information brochures are available at the various information offices.


What the weather will be like

Obdach (868m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Morning clouds will clear gradually. Then frequent sunny periods.
0 km/h
5 km/h
very sunny
5 km/h
Early clouds will gradually clear to leave the region with a dry and sunny day.
very sunny
15°C 29°C
15°C 27°C
slightly cloudy
15°C 28°C
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