Hiking route On the sunny side of Voitsberg - Touren-Impression #1 | © Stadtgemeinde Voitsberg Hiking route On the sunny side of Voitsberg - Touren-Impression #1 | © Stadtgemeinde Voitsberg

On the sunny side of Voitsberg

We can get to know the sunny side of the town of Voitsberg on this hike, which takes us from the town center to the rural areas up to the municipal border with Stallhofen.
Those who walk this Voitsberg circular trail experience the region in all its different facets: The hustle and bustle of the town itself contrasts with the gently undulating meadow and forest landscape. The trail leads past important cultural and historical points and provides insights into the town's attractions.

The starting and finishing points are the main square in Voitsberg. Here we are on the sunny side of the Lipizzanerheimat, which is why this hike is particularly suitable in spring.



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12,8 km
4:00 h
337 hm
337 hm
594 m
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  • A2 Südautobahn Abfahrt Mooskirchen
  • Beim Kreisverkehr: die dritte Ausfahrt der B70 Köflach nehmen und bis nach Gaisfeld fahren
  • nach den Kremser-Reihen (zweispurige Richtungsfahrbahn) halten wir uns rechts und kommen nach Krems
  • Beim Kreisverkehr in Krems fahren wir geradeaus weiter und folgen dem Straßenverlauf bis wir direkt ins Zentrum der Stadt Voitsberg kommen
The start and finish is the main square in Voitsberg. From here, the route follows the almost serpentine castle path up the Sagenberg to Obervoitsberg Castle. The oldest parts of the castle date back to the 12th century. Today there is an open-air stage and we have a wonderful view of the town and the district of Voitsberg. From the castle ruins, the path leads us across the parking lot. Shortly before the Erzherzog Johann Sinnes- und Genussgarten, the path leads us to the right into the Zangtal memorial site until we reach the "Leopold", an exhibited bucket wheel excavator.

We follow the markings across the Hunde-Abrichte-Platz and reach a gravel path. Parallel to the Tregistbach stream, we first walk along a path that leads into a path. We come to a wider path where our hiking trail guide leads us to the right until we reach the asphalt Zangtalerstraße again. At this junction, we cross the road and take Lobmingbergstraße. Following this road, we turn left (after the house) into the forest. We stay on the marked path, which leads steadily uphill and joins Lobmingbergstraße. After 300 m we have reached the Schneiderwirt. After about an hour's walk, you can enjoy the beautiful view here.

We continue along the road, at the chapel we turn right at an old farmhouse "Fasslbauer" into the Dreigräberweg. About 15 minutes after the Schneiderwirt we come to a particularly beautiful mixed forest with many beech trees, which is an experience at any time of year. We walk past three hills, a legend tells us that these are the graves of three musicians who were robbed and beaten to death on their way home.

Following the markings, we continue downhill along a meadow path, come to the Kaltenwasserweg and reach the Stallhofner Landesstraße at the former Tonipeter inn. We walk parallel to this road for a short distance on the sidewalk until we reach Kaltenbachweg, where we turn right and follow the marked path through a well-kept residential area and finally through a forest.

At Fripertingerstraße we come back to a residential area, follow the course of this road and the markings of the path, which first takes us to the suburbs of Voitsberg and finally back to our starting point.

Voitsberger Schlossberg mit Burgruine, Erzherzog-Johann Sinnes und Genussgarten

Erinnerungsstätte Zangtal

Mit den Regionalzügen der GKB zum Bahnhof Voitsberg. >>Infos zum Fahrplan

Anschließend ca. 10 Minuten Fußweg ins Stadtzentrum

Es sind ausreichend Parkplätze in Voitsberg vorhanden.

Achtung: Von Montag bis Freitag gebührenpflichtig. Samstag muss eine Parkuhr im Auto hinterlegt werden.

Kostenlose Parkplätze gibt's Nähe Bahnhofstraße

Tourismusverband Region Graz

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8010 Graz

T +43 316 8075-0




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Voitsberg (395m)

very sunny
0 km/h
very sunny
5 km/h
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Dry and bright with plenty of sunshine, clouds will be rare.
5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and partly sunny throughout the day, with cloudy periods from time to time.
12°C 24°C
14°C 21°C
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