Michlbauerhütte auf der Schneealm | © Hochsteiermark Michlbauerhütte auf der Schneealm | © Hochsteiermark

Etappe 06: BergZeitReise - von Neuberg an der Mürz auf die Schneealm

Stage 6 - at a glance:

Start: Neuberg an der Mürz, tourist information, overnight accommodations: Tel.: +43 3857 8321, www.muerzeroberland.at

Cab services: Nature Park Hiking Taxi Tel.: +43 3857 20170

GPS grid N 47° 39' 47,5" E 15° 34' 44,3"Destination / overnight stop: Schneealpenhaus or alpine pastures on the Schneealm,Tel.: +43 3857 2190, www.schneealpenhaus.com

GPS grid N 47° 41' 46,8" O 15° 36' 34,6"


Stage length: 11 kilometers

Total walking time (without breaks): 5 ½ hours

Vertical meters ascent: 1,280 vertical meters

Meters of altitude descent: 255 meters of altitude

Difficulties: classic mountain hike, on the Schneealm plateau in bad weather / fog orientation not quite easy!

From the monastery of Neuberg, which is of enormous historical importance for the region, we climb steeply uphill to the heart of the Mürzer Oberland Nature Park - to the beautiful Schneealm with its (nomen est omen) numerous, mostly managed alpine pastures.

Here we are also on a stage of the hiking route From Glacier to Wine, which leads from Dachstein to the wine country and thus invites you to a journey of discovery through Styria.


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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
11,9 km
4:30 h
1335 hm
290 hm
1902 m
Highest point
730 m
Lowest point

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The main focus of this stage is the beginning and the end of the tour. At the beginning we have to reach the Neuberg district "Schlapfen" and there the Rudolfssteig. Our path then leads us directly to the Karlgrabensteig, which leads up to the Schneealm.

We first walk from the Neuberger Stift along the main road in a northwesterly direction. At a prominent rock standing directly to the right of the road, our path branches off to the right of the main road behind this rock and leads us uphill to the Schlapfen district. We follow the small road uphill to the last settlement houses and there keep left along the edge of the forest on a path that leads directly to the beginning of the Karlgraben.

Through this (marked) a partly quite steep path brings us to the high plateau of the Schneealm. At Karleck we keep to the right (towards the east) and soon reach the Michlbauerhütte. Across the wide plateau (beware of fog) we now walk leisurely to the already clearly visible Schneealpenhaus.

In 1327, a Cistercian abbey was founded by Duke Otto the Happy in the present-day village of Neuberg an der Mürz. The gothic hall church of the abbey could only be completed in 1446. Today, the wooden roof truss with more than 1100 m³ of larch wood is considered the largest and most important in the German-speaking area . In 1786 Joseph II abolished the monastery and as a result the monastery church became the Neuberg parish church.

Emperor Franz Joseph I had the monastery adapted as a hunting lodge after 1850 and used it regularly for hunting stays. In addition, he had his own hunting lodge built in Mürzsteg in 1870, which has served as a summer retreat for the respective Federal President since 1947. When the Neuberg Railway was opened in 1879 as a standard-gauge branch line to the southern railroad line, the imperial family often traveled by train to Neuberg in the upper Mürz Valley. Passenger service was discontinued in 1996. In 2011, the Mürzzuschlag-Neuberg section was opened on the disused line as part of the R5 cycle route.

As early as the 15th century, the Neuberg monastery had started mining and iron production in the area. This reached its peak in the Neuberg ironworks in the 19th century with the largest steam hammer in the monarchy at that time . However, with the exhaustion of iron deposits in Altenberg, where mining had already been going on for centuries, the industry increasingly lost its basis; in 1924, the steel and rolling mill in Neuberg was shut down.

In the monastery there was already centuries ago briefly a glassworks . Since the summer of 2010, the "Kaiserhof" glass manufactory has once again been producing high-quality and artistic colored glass, and for many years the "Neuberg Culture Days" have formed one of the most important cultural initiatives in the region.

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Several parking possibilities in Neuberg an der Mürz.
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What the weather will be like

Neuberg an der Mürz (734m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
15 km/h
Dry and sunny throughout the day, becoming cloudy towards evening.
10 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and sunny throughout the day with hardly any clouds.
14°C 28°C
16°C 28°C
16°C 26°C

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