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Johnsbach is something like the Mecca of all nature lovers for several reasons. Not for nothing do its proud inhabitants insist with vehemence that they live at the "most beautiful end of the world" and not for nothing does the small village bear the Alpine Club's seal of approval as a mountaineering village. While on the other side of the mountains you stand in awe before the imposing north walls of the Hochtor Group, Johnsbach on the south side with its lovely alpine landscape is the redeeming concession to the pleasure hiker. Bar hopping was yesterday, in the farthest corner of the Johnsbach valley you move out for alpine pasture hopping.

© thomas sattler photography | Thomas Sattler

Pasture hopping

The mountaineering village of Johnsbach is known to be not only the most beautiful end of the world, but also a redemptive concession to the pleasure hiker. Bar hopping was yesterday, in the farthest corner of the Johnsbach valley one moves out to the Almenhopping. In one round you pass four alpine pastures, the Kölbl-, Huber-, Ebner- and Zeiringeralm, and have to prove your skills in one discipline above all: Enjoyment. Because the stop in all four alpine pastures is not optional, but obligatory. A firm grasp of the culinary arts is a great advantage.

Johnsbacher Almenrunde

The pasture huts

The Johnsbacher Almenrunde is a great declaration of love for pleasure. Not only because it can be done in a gentle up and down for everyone, for young and old alike, but also because you can stop at four alpine huts along the way. Can? Must!





Johnsbacher Almenrunde

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Johnsbacher Almenrunde


The special thing about the Johnsbacher Almenrunde, you can decide for yourself how far you go, the individual routes can be varied depending on your fitness level. From the parking lot Ebneralm, the Kölblalm, for example, can be reached within only 40 minutes on foot. Via a wide forest path, past rustic wooden figures and Teufelsklamm (Devil's Gorge), you will reach the first of four alpine pastures on the Johnsbacher Almenrunde in no time. Here you can enjoy homemade apple pie or cider and then take the longer route to the Huberalm or take one of the two shorter routes to the Zeiringeralm or Ebneralm. The Johnsbacher Almenrunde is especially popular with families, not only because it can be changed spontaneously. What the view of the Gesäuse mountains is for adults, the view of a tingly sweet Gesäuse pearl is for children.

Johnsbacher Almenrunde

further pasture huts