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Interesting facts about Erzberg

Museums in the ERZBERG LEOBEN region

Those interested in the history of the region around Erzberg can go on an exciting tour of discovery at numerous museums:

Good to know: Several museums in the region are optimally designed to meet the needs of people with physical disabilities. These include: Kulturquartier Leoben and Radwerk IV in Vordernberg.

  • ​​​At the museum in the Old Town Hall in Eisenerz, visitors learn more about the eventful relationship between Erzberg and the town.
  • An impressive 3D cinema experience, a quiz table and many more attractions on the subject of beer are waiting for you at Gösseum.
  • Leoben Museum showcases a total of 17,000 artefacts that reflect the current state of knowledge of the city’s and regional history.
  • The entire area around Erzberg, known as the "Styrian pyramid", can be regarded as a museum: Guests learn all about ore mining during live blastings, Hauly rides and more.
  • Radwerk IV in Vordernberg is home to something unique in the world: a charcoal blast furnace. Visitors get to find out what the terms “Kohlboden”, “Hunt”, “Gichtboden”, “Flosse” and “Ofensau” stand for.

Art lovers will also find what they are looking for in the region. For instance, Kunsthalle in Leoben is under the same roof as Leoben Museum. The exhibitions at Kunsthalle are varied and change at regular intervals.

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Heldenfriedhof | © Gemeinde St. Michael
  • open today
  • St. Michael in der Obersteiermark

Soldatenfriedhof mit Denkmälern

A tribute to the dead, a reminder to the living. A relic from the time of the First World War is the military cemetery,...
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Mesnerturm Oswaldikirche Eisenerz | © Museumsstadt Eisenerz
  • Eisenerz

Kirchenburg St. Oswald und Mesnerturm

“From Life Between Heaven and Mountain” – popularly called “Oswaldikirche”, it is the largest and most...
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Eingang Krippenmuseum | © TV ERZBERG LEOBEN
  • Eisenerz


The museum takes visitors into a world where the miracle of Christ's birth is made visible. Wrapped in the scent of...
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Eingang Kupferschaubergwerk | © TV ERZBERG LEOBEN
  • Radmer

Copper show mine Radmer

In years of painstaking manual labour, we have awakened from its slumber a part of that Radmer mining history that came...
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Museumscenter und Kunsthalle Leoben | © @erzbergleoben
  • open today
  • Leoben

Kulturquartier Leoben

Under the motto: "Rails into the past", the visitor can embark on a journey from the present back into the past in the...
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Pyramide und Schichtturm | © TV ERZBERG LEOBEN
  • open today
  • Eisenerz


Visitors can reach the popular sight from the old town. In addition to a great view of the town - the perfect place for...
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Stadtmuseum Trofaiach | © Museumsverbund Betriebsges.m.b.H.
  • Trofaiach

Stadtmuseum Trofaiach

Das Museum Trofaiach im Schloss Stibichhofen liegt im Zentrum der Stadt in der Steiermark mitten in der Urlaubsregion...
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  • Mautern in der Steiermark

Heimatmuseum "Troadkastn"

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Museum Gerberei_Kirchenburg St. Oswald, C @balazs7 | © TV ERZBERG LEOBEN
  • open today
  • Eisenerz

Museum Gerberei Salzer

“Styrian landmark” – awarded by the State of Styria in 2015. Visitors learn all about the production process and...
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Museum im alten Rathaus | © Museumsverbund
  • Eisenerz

Museum im Alten Rathaus Eisenerz

Awarded the Austrian museum seal of quality, the Eisenerz City Museum is located in the original center of the mining...
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Annabergdenkmal | © Gemeinde St. Michael
  • open today
  • St. Michael in der Obersteiermark


In honor of the dead, a reminder to the living. In 1917 the so-called "war memorial" was erected on the "Annaberg"....
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Museumshof Kammern | © TV Palten-Liesing Erlebnistäler
  • Kammern im Liesingtal

Museumshof Kammern

The "Museumshof" Kammern bears witness to 200 years of agricultural history and presents life in the coal and mining...
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Museum City Eisenerz

One town, eight museums: Eisenerz welcomes its guests with its multifaceted offers. The selection ranges from the popular open-air exhibition at Oswaldirücken and the Salzer tannery to the St. Oswald church castle and the nativity museum to the museum in the Old Town Hall, as well as the post and telegraph museum.

A guided tour of the Schichtturm tower, one of the town's landmarks, is particularly worthwhile: You will be rewarded with a magnificent view of Eisenerz from the old bell tower.

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