Rastplatz Prälatenweg (c) Pater Martin | © Region Graz Rastplatz Prälatenweg (c) Pater Martin | © Region Graz

Pure pleasure in Rein

Alpine longhorn beetles, playgrounds, lovely views … there’s plenty for everyone in the Rein area
Circular hikes suitable for children and partly barrier-free are set out in the woodlands near Rein Abbey. To follow the trail of the protected Alpine longhorn beetle you walk along the eponymous hiking path (Alpenbockweg). Interesting educational charts describe everything you should know about the lustrous, greenish-blue beetle.

The Prälatenweg path is ideally suited for manoeuvring impellers and pushchairs. It leads past a beautiful playground next to the stream, a promise of cooling on hot summer days.

The Ulrichsberg tour takes you up to the church of St Ulrich, which has drawn the eyes of visitors to this valley basin ever since 1453.



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11,6 km
3:45 h
336 hm
336 hm
573 m
Highest point
452 m
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Via the A9 to Deutschfeistritz/Peggau, and on via the B67 to Gratwein and Rein.

The Alpenbockweg is a path that got its name from the beautiful, strictly protected species of the blueish-black Alpine longhorn beetle, which (still) has its habitat here and – if you’re lucky – can be photographed from early July to mid-August. Start at the Rein Abbey car park, take trail no. 31 after the Johann Pabst Halle and ascend to St Ulrich’s church, which has drawn the eyes of visitors to this valley basin ever since 1453. The path then leads on via the Ulrichsberg forest road into Kastental valley (trail 34a/b and through Mühlbachgraben/Prälatenweg back to the abbey; distance: 5 km, lasting 2 hours; altitude difference: 180 m).

Ulrichsberg tour

The Ulrichsberg tour leads from Rein Abbey via trail no. 31 up to St Ulrich’s church, which has drawn the eyes of visitors to this valley basin ever since 1453. The way back to the abbey is via the Sonnseitenweg path (no. 31). Distance: 3.5 km, lasting 1.5 hours.


The Prälatenweg is the first and only barrier-free hiking path in OberGraz. Starting at Rein Abbey, you follow the gravel forest road and the Eisbach upstream (trail no. 30). After some time you see a small bridge at the right signalling the way back. This site is a popular playground for children and cooling refreshment for dogs. The path is easily negotiable both walking and by bike, also with pushchairs and wheelchairs. Distance: 3 km, lasting 1 hour, barrier-free.

The Cistercian Abbey of Rein was founded in 1129. It is the oldest Cistercian monastery in the world which has remained active without interruption. Its foundation by Margrave Leopold I of Styria took place while Saint Bernard was still alive. Hear everything about the origins of Styrian history during a fascinating guided tour!
Hikers can easily arrive without a car by using bus or train services. The frequent S1 trains between Graz and Bruck/Mur make reaching OberGraz easy (Gratwein–Gratkorn railway station). From here, take the regional bus line 110 on to Rein.

More details on train and bus connections: www.verbundlinie.at and www.oebb.at

Public car park in front of Rein Abbey
Playground at the edge of the forest! Children can play and tumble to their hearts’ content under ancient trees between Rein Abbey and the Stiftstaverne (abbey tavern) with its beautiful pub garden.

Before your visit, it’s worth taking a look into the event calendar: the abbey organises numerous concerts, readings and exhibitions to attract visitors. The Stiftstaverne is an ideal place to meditate on your impressions of the day, while enjoying the pleasures of the palate.


What the weather will be like

Mariazell (860m)

5 km/h
10 km/h
10 km/h
Morning clouds will clear gradually. Then frequent sunny periods.
10 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and sunny throughout the day with hardly any clouds.
-10°C 4°C
-7°C 5°C
-1°C 6°C

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