Über Übelbach (c) TV Region OberGraz - J. Lunghammer | © Region Graz Über Übelbach (c) TV Region OberGraz - J. Lunghammer | © Region Graz

From Übelbach to Taschlerkreuz

Taschlerkreuz cross ­– Hiedner inn – Übelbach
Enjoy pure nature on this hike from the unique historic old market of Übelbach up onto Silberberg mountain and reward yourself with a lot of greenery and beautiful views.


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Level of difficulty
8,2 km
3:30 h
565 hm
564 hm
1034 m
Highest point
559 m
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By train: from Bruck/Mur or Graz via Peggau–Deutschfeistritz railway station to Übelbach railway station (S11). By car/motorbike: via the A9 (exit Übelbach) or via the L385 to Übelbach. By bike: on the Mur (R2) cycle path to Deutschfeistritz and then along the L385 to Übelbach.
From St Michael’s Church, go southwards along Hammerherrnstrasse and ascend on Silberbergstrasse. Follow trail no. 33 along the Niesenbachgraben. After the bridge, turn right onto the forest road and leave it again after about 800 m. Follow the hiking trail, which crosses several forest roads, to the Taschlerkreuz cross (1.066 m), the highest point of your hike. Before the cross, turn left into the forest towards the east, first on a path, then on a farm track to the reopened Hiedner inn (open Saturdays and Sundays from 9 o’clock). Fully refreshed, set off again behind the wayside shrine at the Hiedner inn. Follow trail no. 17, which will lead you past two farms to the paved municipal road. Branch off onto a path on the right after about 300 m (shortly before the transmitter). Go under the motorway bridge and turn after 100 m to your right. Bearing left, the path leads you over the Übelbach stream on a covered bridge and then to the left to your starting point. You’ll find many beautiful spots to picnic, should you go on this hike outside the Hiedner inn’s opening hours.
Good footwear is a blessing on a hike, bad footwear, a curse. The Schuh- und Trachtenhaus Hiden shop in Übelbach can help, should you need footwear.
Hikers can easily arrive without a car by using bus or train services. The frequent S1 trains between Graz and Bruck/Mur make reaching OberGraz easy. From Peggau–Deutschfeistritz railway station, take the S11 train or the GUSTmobil minivan to Übelbach.

More information on train and bus connections: www.verbundlinie.at and www.oebb.at

GUSTmobil minivan stops nearby: 1162 (Hiedner inn), 1819 (Am Silberberg), 1820 (Gunegghöhe)

Rides can be booked a minimum of 60 minutes before desired departures by phone (0123 500 44 11), or via Internet (www.ISTmobil.at), using the app. (business hours: Monday – Saturday: 6am – 12 midnight, Sundays & public holidays: 6am – 10pm)

Parking is available on Alter Markt in Übelbach or alongside the L385, just east of the Kletzenbauer garage.
The Hiedner inn lies right on the route. In the idyllic Übelbach market you’ll also find plenty of places to eat, including the Grossauer brewery, the Zur Sonne inn and Marktcafé Übelbach. You can also enjoy traditional cuisine at the Altes Hammerherrenhaus inn just outside the centre of Übelbach.


What the weather will be like

Übelbach (583m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
0 km/h
Unsettled with occasional rain and a long dry phase around noon.
5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Rain will last into the afternoon. Becoming dry afterwards.
5°C 14°C
7°C 13°C
7°C 13°C

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