Michlbauerhütte auf der Schneealm | © TV Hochsteiermark Michlbauerhütte auf der Schneealm | © TV Hochsteiermark

Familientour zum Windberg im Naturpark Mürzer Oberland

Depending on the route (length) a beautiful hike for (very) young to (already somewhat) older in the nature park Mürzer Oberland in Hochsteiermark. Numerous refreshment stops also invite you to take a break on the Schneealm plateau, which is rich in views.
The starting point is the parking lot at the end of the toll road to the Schneealm. On wide paths and easy alpine paths you can then climb peaks, visit alpine huts and observe the Styrian alpine life.

Due to the numerous variants, the tour can be recommended for all age groups.

The hike is especially beautiful in early summer, when the alpine flowers bloom so beautifully and the cows give a real alpine feeling.

In autumn, on the other hand, the distant view is usually more beautiful and the one or other chamois crosses our path.



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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
15,7 km
5:15 h
650 hm
650 hm
1903 m
Highest point
1439 m
Lowest point

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First we drive from the Mürztal at the Urani leisure pond (Neuberg an der Mürz) to the Michlbauer homestead. There, the toll is paid and we can continue, via a wide forest road, uphill to the designated parking lot at the so-called Kohlebner Stand (parking regulations must be observed!).

Here, at the barrier, a wide forest road begins, which leads us to the mentioned Kohlebner Stand (transmitter, viewpoint). Passing the nearby Kutatschhütte (shelter), we continue uphill until we reach a hairpin bend. Here we turn left and hike on a wide trail (partly unmarked) directly towards the Windberg summit (1,903m, highest point of the Schneealm).

Finally, over a few rocky path sections (easy, fun for children, easy climbing possible) to the summit with the large summit cross (about 1 1/2 - 2 hours from the P). The distant view reaches here on nice days from the Dachstein over the Karawanken to Hungary and the Mariazeller Land.

We descend along the marked path and after a few minutes we reach the Schneealm plateau (alpine landscape, natural jewel, karst area). Not far from our descent route is the rustic Michlbauerhütte, which invites you to take a rest.

We could now return directly to the P on the wide alpine road (approx. 1 - 1 1/2 hours from the Michlbauerhütte).

However, if you are still fit enough, we recommend continuing to the Lurgbauerhütte on the Ameisbühel, which is about 45 minutes away on foot (hardly any inclines) - an organic alpine cheese dairy with local specialties awaits us here.

Back from the Lurgbauerhütte, we walk across the plateau keeping slightly to the left to the clearly visible Schneealmhaus. This offers a final break with panoramic guarantee (magnificent view of the neighboring Rax).

Now it goes over a well-marked hiking trail in about an hour back to the P at the Kohlebner Stand.

Visit the organic alpine cheese dairy at Lurgbauer, rest at the rustic Michlbauerhütte and alpine snack with a view at Schneealmhaus. Absolutely, however, the (easy) ascent of the Windberg peak!
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P at the Kohlebner Stand, observe parking regulations!
If you want to entrust yourself to a tour operator, simply book with Steiermark Touristik, the official travel agency of Steiermark Tourismus: Tel. +43 316 4003 450, www.steiermark-touristik.com


Mürzer Oberland Nature Park Office, Tel. +43 3857 8321, www.muerzeroberland.at , open Mon. - Fri. from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Styria Tourism, Tel. +43 316 4003, www.steiermark.com

TRV Hochsteiermark, tel. +43 3862 55020, www.hochsteiermark.at


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Mountain, hiking and nature park guides: Information at the Nature Park Office Mürzer Oberland, Tel.: +43 3857 8321.

By the way, get your personal summit pins with the Summit Lynx App: www.summitlynx.com


What the weather will be like

Neuberg an der Mürz (734m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Rather cloudy in the morning, then sunny spells will develop gradually.
5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and partly sunny throughout the day, with cloudy periods from time to time.
8°C 19°C
4°C 11°C
3°C 11°C

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