A paradise for cross-country skiers

cross-country skiing trails in Hochsteiermark

104 kilometres of perfectly groomed trails, reliable snow and plenty of mountain huts and restaurants – cross-country skiers can expect all of this and more in Hochsteiermark.

Whether you prefer classic or skate, easy beginners’ trails or more challenging trails for advanced skiers – in Hochsteiermark, everyone is sure to find their perfect trail.

Mariazellerland trail and other trails invite you to glide across the snow-covered landscapes of Hochsteiermark. If you don’t have any cross-country skiing equipment, you can rent a set from several local rental shops.

Length in km
Duration in h
Elevation gain/loss
5 Results
Einstieg zur Loipe | Brigitte Digruber | © TV Hochsteiermark
Hochsteiermark medium Closed
Route 9,8 km
Duration 1:30 h

Fadental - Schnittlermoos

Zum Hubertussee | Herbert Fuchs | © TV Hochsteiermark
Hochsteiermark medium Closed
Route 6,7 km
Duration 1:50 h

Walstern - Hubertussee (classic and skating)

Langlaufen in Aschbach | nicoleseiser.at | © TV Hochsteiermark
Hochsteiermark easy Closed
Route 3,2 km
Duration 0:45 h

Cross-country skiing trail in Aschbach (classic and skating)

Brigitte Digruber | © TV Hochsteiermark
Mitterbach am Erlaufsee easy Closed
Route 3,1 km
Duration 0:45 h

Erlaufloipe Mitterbach (classic and skating)

WM-Loipe | nicoleseiser.at | © TV Hochsteiermark
Hochsteiermark medium Closed
Route 9,1 km
Duration 2:00 h

Mariazellerlandloipe (classic and skating)

5 Results

Cross-country skiing by night

What’s glistening white by day, receives a magical, shimmering touch by night. Cross-country skiing by night is an experience not to be missed, for instance on the flood-lit panoramic trail in Mürzzuschlag. From the onset of dusk until about 20:30, you can experience a unique 2.7-kilometre cross-country night-time adventure there.

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