Der Unterwassersteg am Bründlweg | © Hochsteiermark Der Unterwassersteg am Bründlweg | © Hochsteiermark

Romantischer Bründlweg

Griaß di on the Bründlweg, the most beautiful "theme hiking trail in Styria" (Kleine Zeitung place vote July 2020), the highest barefoot trail in HOCHsteiermark! Shoes in the shoe shed or not and let's go!

Whether you are a recreation seeker, nature lover, romantic or simply a Sunday stroller - the Bründlweg offers something for everyone! No less than 22 fountains invite you on the way to taste the refreshing "Almchampagne". First hiker traffic circle! The "Romantic Bründlweg" is a circular trail with great viewpoints of the surrounding mountains. Bottles, how could it be otherwise, show you the way to easily find your way.

NEW: The longest bench in Austria, with a length of almost 100 meters and without any nails or screws, is located at the Jausenstation Hochegger since June 2020. Please just take a seat!

The romantic Bründlweg, Austria's longest barefoot path is a circular trail on the Pogusch. It is about 11 km long with a walking time of about 3.5 hours. The trail lies at an altitude of 1000 - 1200 m and offers great views into the Mur and Mürz valleys as well as the Hochschwab region. Eight refreshment stops along the way provide culinary delicacies for the physical well-being of the hikers. In addition, each stop has its own beer coaster matching the farm.

Various attractions along the way, such as the barefoot pond, the first hiker's traffic circle, the Holzknechthütte, the smallest wild animal museum, numerous Bründeln...loosen up the leisurely hike.

The romantic Bründlweg can be hiked all year round - in spring when the landscape starts to green, in summer in the shady woods, in a blaze of color in autumn and in winter in a fantastic windy landscape and follow or get to know one or the other fresh game trail. So go ahead, just enjoy the peace and nature to recharge your batteries.

Details about the hike: Romantic Bründlweg Folder


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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
11,3 km
3:30 h
601 hm
601 hm
1233 m
Highest point
1039 m
Lowest point

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to the Steirereck parking lot: from Vienna: S6 exit Allerheiligen/Mürzhofen; from Graz: S6 exit St. Marein/ Turnau:

From the north:

On the B 20 (Mariazeller Bundesstraße) over the Steirischer Seeberg ....

From the east:

On the S 6 (Semmering expressway) to the Mürzhofen exit, then over the Pretalsattel or to the St. Marein exit, then over the Pogusch...

From the south:

On the S 35 (Brucker Schnellstraße) and S 6 (Semmering Schnellstraße) to the Kapfenberg exit, then the B20 (Mariazeller Bundesstraße) via Thörl ...

From the west:

On the S 36 (Murtal expressway ) and S 6 (Semmering expressway) to the Kapfenberg exit, then the B20 (Mariazeller federal road) via Thörl ....

From the Steirereck inn, we first reach the Friedmannerhof on partly forest roads, partly well-maintained footpaths. Our next rest stop is at the Schäffer-Huber. Continue via Hocheggerhof to Rührerbauer and Herrbauer. Finally, we reach the Himmelreichbauer, where we can take a shortcut to the Steirereck by climbing up to the Himmelreich Kraftplatz and taking the path back to the Steirereck, or we can finish the loop on the marked path (halfway up we find the exit in the direction of Turnau to the Schererwirt, or we return to the Steirereck parking lot).

Hiking enthusiasts from Turnau get into Turnau, at the main square in the direction of the Richterteiche and over the Mühlberg to the Schererwirt, to get from there to the Bründlweg.

For information on various refreshment stops at the farms (opening days/times), please refer to the information board on site.

Tip of the chairman: Absolutely hike part barefoot... In between you always have the opportunity to wash your feet. Once you have to step in the mud in any case. Is healthy and refreshing!
ab/bis St. Lorenzen bzw. Turnau

Parkplatz Steirereck Pogusch

Hauptplatz Turnau

Prospektanforderung: Tourismusverband Turnau,


What the weather will be like

Kapfenberg (501m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and sunny throughout the day with hardly any clouds.
5 km/h
5 km/h
0 km/h
Dry and bright with plenty of sunshine, clouds will be rare.
18°C 30°C
17°C 29°C
16°C 30°C

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