Mountain Hike Gsengscharten-round- Haindlkarhütte - Touren-Impression #1 | © TV Gesäuse Mountain Hike Gsengscharten-round- Haindlkarhütte - Touren-Impression #1 | © TV Gesäuse

Gsengscharten-round- Haindlkarhütte

Increase: * from the Haindlkar car park on trail no. 658 in approx. 1.5 h * from the "Gseng" junction (approx. 2 km in the direction of Johnsbach/Schotterwerk) on trail no. 658 in approx. 2.5 h
This circular trail shows many facets of the Gesäuse mountains.

Since recently, this classic Gesaeuse tour has made it possible to overcome the 2 km of federal road on a new trail, so that the Gsengschartenweg can be walked "car-free".



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8,1 km
4:31 h
703 hm
472 hm
1218 m
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From Admont or Hieflau Gesaeuse main road B 146 to the Johnsbach junction
From the  national park parking place we cross the main road and immediately enter the "Legend Trail". The first 1.5 km were completely redesigned in 2010 as a theme trail by the "Wild John" - a synonym for the Johnsbach.

As the Wild John was a giant, you will find a giant swing, a giant sand pit, a giant picnic area, etc. At the former gravel works we leave the Sagenweg and turn left onto trail no. 658, the Gsengschartenweg. Now we climb a little more arduously in gravelly terrain, which resembles an empty stream bed, up to the Gsengscharte. With a bit of luck we will see a few chamois standing between boulders and mountain pines. Now the key passage "Gsengscharte" follows. Here the rock is "gnawed off" like a bone by wind and weather and so we have to overcome the last meters to the ridge by means of a chain and rope anchored in the rock. Now we have reached the highest point and go down into the extremely romantic Haindlkar. Bizarre rock formations, almost tame seeming chamois and the view into the Hochtor-Norwände inspire our eyes. Now we have earned an extensive meal at the Haindlkarhütte. With a bit of luck we can watch climbers on the Hochtor walls with binoculars on the terrace or hikers on the Peternpfad. Freshly strengthened we set off again and climb up a stony path, past the old Haindlkarhütte, which is still used as a winter camp, down to the Enns, which we can already hear rushing from time to time. Arrived at the parking lot Haindlkarhütte, a path leads to the left into the forest. We cross a dried out creek bed and another short stretch through the forest until we descend again to the main road before the gypsy tunnel. We cross the main road and walk back to the parking lot on the old road, which is only used by cyclists and hikers anymore.

Directly from the parking lot you can walk to the Willow Cathedral, Austria's largest building (m)work, and the "Ecological Footprint".

Also a round in the Lettmair-Au with different stations as well as a viewing platform directly on the Enns is recommended as a pleasant conclusion of the Gsengscharten round.

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Trainstation Johnsbach - only  SA and SO

national park car park shortly before or (coming from Hieflau) after the "Gypsy tunnel" north of the main road Kompass Wanderkarte Gesäuse Nr. 206 Rother Wanderführer Gesäuse


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