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Culinary enjoyment in the ERZBERG LEOBEN region

Styrian culinary delights and authentic dishes: That's what guests will find in ERZBERG LEOBEN. The region is also known as the GenussReich (realm of culinary pleasure), which combines regionality, traceable production methods, good taste and, of course, enjoyment. Fresh meat and fish specialities, cheese and dairy products, freshly baked bread, sweet honey and other delicacies are lovingly produced there.

Enjoying regional delicacies on the road

Locals know exactly how to enjoy regional delicacies. At the weekly markets, numerous booths invite you to go on a stroll and taste your way through what the region has to offer. Depending on the time of year, you will find seasonal specialities such as fresh Sturm (fermented grape juice), sweet and crunchy chestnuts or roasted almonds. One of the best-known markets in the region is probably the weekly market at the church square in Leoben, where farmers and local producers have been selling their products for more than 30 years.

Nature lovers can also look forward to moments of indulgence on a culinary hike. Local hut keepers serve their guests lovingly prepared dishes. Bikers can discover the region’s taste on two wheels during a culinary bike tour.

The route through the Liesingtal valley leads them past businesses such as those of Erich Steinrisser or the Mitteregger family. Every day these businesses wholeheartedly devote themselves to the production of their regional delicacies. And of course, you’ll also find numerous restaurants along the way.

By the way: If you want to continue your journey of pleasure, just keep going until you reach Graz. The so-called “Capital of Culinary Delights” in the heart of Styria is known for its multifaceted culinary offers.


The more the merrier! Perhaps that’s what the beer sommeliers of Erzbergbräu were thinking when they enriched the beer culture in ERZBERG LEOBEN with a new brand in 2012 – we don’t know for sure.

What we do know, however, is that the two regional malt beverages make the hearts of beer lovers beat faster. While Gösser beer has been known as "Austria's best beer" far beyond the region for quite some time now, Erzbergbräu brings a refreshingly new taste to ERZBERG LEOBEN.

Die Brauerei Göss, die einst Teil des historischen Stiftes Göss war, wurde 1860 von Max Kober erworben und wiederbelebt. Seitdem hat Gösser einen unvergleichlichen Weg zurückgelegt, immer gestärkt von der eindrucksvollen Tradition. Heute zählt die Brauerei Göss zu den modernsten Brauereien des Landes und bleibt stolz auf ihre Wurzeln als Geburtsstätte von Österreichs bestem Bier. Gösser Bier, ein Symbol für Qualität, Genuss und eine jahrhundertealte Brautradition.

Sit down and enjoy:

culinary establishments in ERZBERG LEOBEN

The region around Leoben and along the Steirische Eisenstraße (Styrian Iron Road) boasts a wide range of different culinary establishments. From salty to sweet and from traditional to exotic.

Local specialities are served alongside international dishes. Cafés, bakeries and ice cream parlours serve their visitors sweet temptations. And numerous pubs, bars and restaurants are the perfect location for a nightcap after an eventful day. They offer sparkling wines, fruity cocktails, and a wide selection of spirits.

Good to know: In ERZBERG LEOBEN, gourmets will find numerous Kulinarium Steiermark establishments that are known for their high-quality Styrian cuisine. You’ll recognise them by the "green heart", a seal of quality awarded to these culinary establishments.

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