Bike Riding Iron Road Bike Path R38 - Touren-Impression #1 | © Tourismusverband ERZBERG LEOBEN Bike Riding Iron Road Bike Path R38 - Touren-Impression #1 | © Tourismusverband ERZBERG LEOBEN

Iron Road Bike Path R38

The Iron Road Cycle Route R 38 is located in ERZBERG LEOBEN  and is a connection between the Enns Cycle Route R7 and the Mur Cycle Route R2.
TheIron Road Bike Path  38 connects, like the, one valley further west, Rastlandradweg R 15, the two adventure regions ERZBERG LEOBEN and Gesäuse with each other and is well suited for combinations with other regional cycling routes.

It takes us from Leoben via Sankt Peter Freienstein to Trofaiach, from there it continues to Vordernberg, over the Präbichl to Eisenerz and finally on to the Gesäuse region to Hieflau.

Cyclists who are interested in the culture and history of a region will learn interesting facts about iron production and its importance for the inhabitants of the adventure and sports region ERZBERG LEOBEN along the R38(Eisenstraßenradweg).



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48,3 km
4:05 h
743 hm
808 hm
1226 m
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Along the Iron Road Cycle Route R38, the area could tell us a lot about iron production. On the one hand, one of the most modern iron and steelworks in the world is located at the start in Leoben, on the other hand, the Styrian Iron Road can tell us a lot about the past. You pass by old stone blast furnaces and wheel mills where pig iron used to be extracted.

From the modernly developed city of Leoben, highlights for the cyclist are the art gallery with world-class cultural-historical exhibitions and the "Asia Spa" wellness oasis, we reach St. Peter Freienstein via Donawitz on a separate cycle path next to the very busy state road, then via Trofaiach to Vordernberg. For cyclists who would rather do a more leisurely pleasure tour, this tour ends here.

Sporty touring cyclists have a nice field of activity from now on: The Präbichl, with a gradient of up to 12%, requires stamina and experience: On the one hand on the ascent from Vordernberg to the top of the pass, on the other hand on the descent to Eisenerz (ATTENTION! This section of the R38 leads from Vordernberg directly along the federal road B115).

The Präbichl is one of the most important ski areas in Styria. On the descent, the Erzberg rises imposingly on the right hand side. From Eisenerz you soon reach the romantically situated Leopoldsteinersee and in a long valley basin to Hieflau.

The R 38 is signposted all the way to Vordernberg. There is almost continuously a separate bike path except Präbichlstraße to Hieflau.


Radwerk IV

Adventure Erzberg

Explore the beautiful nature around the R 38 on one of the many cycling routes around Trofaiach.

Timetables and travel information can be found directly at:

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Info about parking in Leoben can be found here.
Tourismusverband ERZBERG LEOBEN 

Tourist office

Hauptplatz 3

8700 Leoben

Phone: +43 3842 481 4 810  

Service station along the route:

Radsport Illmaier

Die Sportlerei Trofaiach

Sport Zauner Eisenerz


What the weather will be like

Vordernberg (821m)

5 km/h
slightly cloudy
5 km/h
5 km/h
Sunshine and cloudiness will alternate throughout the day. A chance of showers towards evening.
slightly cloudy
0 km/h
5 km/h
very sunny
5 km/h
Early clouds will clear to leave the region with a dry and sunny day.
15°C 29°C
15°C 27°C
15°C 29°C

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