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Hardly any other city offers as much diversity in such a small space in the sunny flair of the south: futuristic architecture right next to medieval houses, alleys and squares; exclusive boutiques next to colourful farmers' markets, cultural and culinary delicacies at every corner.

There was a reason the "best-preserved city centre in Central Europe" was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque live next to each other and just three minutes' walk away the future is at home: the bizarre "Friendly Alien" art museum has made itself at home between the old houses.

Graz has indeed earned the title "Culinary Capital of Austria". Delicious regional products and excellent gastronomy make Graz simply unbeatable!

Cyclists will also enjoy a dense network of trails that has developed around the Mur Cycling Path and The Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour, which also stops in Graz.

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Graz Stadt, 50m
Luxury 75 sqm next to the city hall - In the middle of everything: Located in the pedestrian zone, three friendly and ...
Graz Stadt, 120m
A stay to take with you! A boutique hotel in the middle of the historic centre of Graz, surrounded by city life and ...
Graz Stadt, 150m
A hotel with a long tradition, right in the heart of Graz! The Palais Hotel Erzherzog Johann sits next to the main ...
Graz Stadt, 290m
A boutique hotel of great charm located in the wonderful historic city centre, in what was the Palais Inzaghi - close ...
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Pond in the "kunstGarten" (garden of art)
Graz und Region Graz
The Art Garden, chosen by The Culture Trip 2015 as one of the 7 Top Parks 2015 in Graz, is a meeting space that connects nature and art with science in the interplay between public and private, thus ...
Schloss Eggenberg, exterior view
Graz und Region Graz
Castle stories and historical castle grounds. Eggenberg Palace is proud of being listed on the UNESCO List of World Heritage sites since 2010 as an extension of the old town of Graz. But that's not ...
Exhibits at the Natural History Museum
Graz und Region Graz
In the completely renovated original building of the Joanneum, the Baroque "Lesliehof", around 400 million years of Styrian geological history as well as the fascinating diversity of the local animal ...
Graz und Region Graz
Come, listen and be amazed! The Literaturhaus Graz creates a desire for literature, its quality and its diversity. Readings, performances, discussions and exhibitions invite you to be touched by ...
Exterior view of the MUWA with children
Graz und Region Graz
In parallel to changing exhibitions of constructive art and a brine-deprivation pool, the MUWA offers perception installations: people and objects disappear. See with the surface of your skin or ...
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Graz und Region Graz , Schilcherland Deutschlandsberg, Südsteiermark, Schilcherland & Lipizzanerheimat, Sulmtal - Koralm, Lipizzanerheimat, Steirische Rucksackdörfer, Schilcherland Eibiswald - Wies, Region OberGraz
Der Jakobsweg Weststeiermark wurde am 25. Juli 2010 eröffnet und gliedert sich in acht Etappen. Diese wurden so gewählt, dass sie für durchschnittliche Wanderer zu bewältigen sind. An jedem ...
Graz und Region Graz , Südsteiermark, Schilcherland & Lipizzanerheimat, Südsteiermark
Diese Etappe am längsten der steirischen Flussradwege führt uns von Graz, der Genuss Hauptstadt Österreichs, in die Südsteiermark nach Leibnitz. Eine Tour von Genuss und Kultur zu Wein und ...
Graz und Region Graz
Auf 6 Stationen, die vom Gemeindeamt über das alte Kalkbergwerk bis auf den Hügel der ehemaligen Burg Stattegg führen, bringt dieser abwechslungsreiche Themenweg (des Netzwerks „Steirische ...
Graz und Region Graz , Oststeiermark, Laßnitzhöhe - Kainbach
Mit dieser Radroute werden die Kulturhauptstadt Graz und die Oststeiermark, die auch liebevoll der Garten Österreichs genannt wird, verbunden. Dazwischen liegt mit der Lassnitzhöhe eine recht ...
Südsteiermark, Südsteiermark, Schilcherland & Lipizzanerheimat, Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark, Stiefingtal, Sasstal, Graz und Region Graz
Ein Abschnitt des weitverzweigten Jakobswegenetzes führt von Graz über Mureck nach Maribor, wo die Pilger - vereint mit dem Slowenischen Jakobsweg - weiter gegen Westen ziehen. Er startet wie der ...

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