Mountain Hike From the Klinkehütte to the Admonter Kalbling, Sparafeld and Riffel - Touren-Impression #1 | © TV Gesäuse Mountain Hike From the Klinkehütte to the Admonter Kalbling, Sparafeld and Riffel - Touren-Impression #1 | © TV Gesäuse

From the Klinkehütte to the Admonter Kalbling, Sparafeld and Riffel

A panoramic mountain tour with no less than 3 peaks (!) starts at the Klinkehütte and leads first up to the Admonter Kaibling (2196 m). The ascent of the other two (Sparafeld 2248 m and Riffel 2106 m) is possible on the same day because it is a summit plateau and therefore you will not lose much altitude gain.
A relatively short but rather steep and stony ascent to the foot of the impressive Admonter Kaibling south walls connects the Klinkehütte with the peaks of the Admonter Kaibling, the Riffel and the Sparafeld. The plateau-like structure of this mountain massif makes it possible to climb all 3 peaks at once without significant loss of height. This also pays off, because from each of the peaks you always have a different panorama, so that you not only face the Gesaeuse mountains, but also the Rottenmanner Tauern and Eisenerz Alps at almost the same altitude. After all this effort, it is a good idea to return to the Klinkehütte and, with a Gesaeuse pearl in your hand, look proudly back up to the summit of the Admonter Kaibling (see the tour's cover picture), which is extremely striking from there.

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Level of difficulty
7,8 km
5:00 h
985 hm
972 hm
2248 m
Highest point

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Approach on the A9, exit Trieben. Follow the signs Kaiserau on the country road L 713 for about 6 km in a north-westerly direction.

From Admont follow the L 713 southwards until you reach the Kaiserau car park after approx. 6 km.

From the Klinkehütte (1486 m) the marked hiking trail no. 601 leads eastwards up to the Kaiblinggatterl (1545 m). Passing a hunting lodge and a watering hole for cattle, you then approach the mighty southern walls of the Admonter Kaibling on an increasingly steeper path. The stony path, which partly leads through mountain pines, is characterised by coarse blocky debris and therefore requires surefootedness and concentration. But the real danger comes from above and comes from the rock faces: While you follow the south walls towards the northwest, rock falls can occur again and again due to climbers above. The once more, once less exposed climb up to the summit plateau bends almost in a long clockwise arc around the south walls of the Kaibling, until you reach the crossroads in Grueberach at 2044 m. From here you are on the plateau and the tour leads you comfortably across alpine lawns first, at the crossroads Speikboden following the markings to the south, to the summit of the Admonter Kalbling (2196 m). To get to the Sparafeld (2248 m), go back to Speikboden or shorten directly from the summit of the Kaibling on the marked trail nr. 656. To finally climb the third summit, you go down from Speikboden to the west towards Grueberach and follow trail nr. 601 in north-western direction to the Riffel (2106 m). The fastest way down to the Klinkehütte is via the ascent path.

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With enough reserves of strength and time, extend the tour to a fourth summit and simply descend from the Riffel to the Kreuzkogel and via the Jägersteig to the Klinkehütte (Attention: via ferrata passages A/B!)

Eine kostenpflichte Mautstraße (Münzautomat!) führt von der Kaiserau direkt zur Klinkehütte, wo mehrere Parkmöglichkeiten zur Verfügung stehen. Kostenfreie Parkplätze befinden sich beim Skigebiet Kaiserau, jedoch muss man dann für den Aufstieg zur Hütte ungefähr eine Stunde (350 Hm) mehr einplanen.
Tourismusverband Gesäuse

Hauptstraße 35, 8911 Admont, Österreich

Tel. +43 (0) 3613 21160 10

Email: Wander- Rad- & Skitourenkarte Nr 801 "Nationalpark Gesäuse", 1: 35 000

Kompass Karten "Nationalpark Gesäuse" Nr. 206, M 1 : 25 000

Alpenvereinskarte - Gesäuse und Ennstaler Alpen, Blatt 16. 1 :25 000

Rother Wanderführer Gesäuse, G. und L. Auferbauer (2018)


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Admont (635m)

0 km/h
slightly cloudy
5 km/h
5 km/h
Sunshine and cloudiness will alternate throughout the day. A chance of showers towards evening.
0 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Early morning sunshine, soon followed by showers and finally thunderstorms.
15°C 24°C
13°C 28°C
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