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Hiking routes in the ERZBERG LEOBEN region

In the region around Erzberg, rugged peaks, lush alpine pastures and unspoilt nature ensure a wonderful hiking experience. If you want to go high up and see far into the country, you should take on the most famous mountain of the Eisenerz Alps: Eisenerzer Reichenstein. The hiking route to Hirnalm is perfect for a family excursion. On the loop above the picturesque Zölzboden, you can watch marmots eating, playing and lazing around.

If you want to do something good not only for yourself but also for the environment, choose public transport to get to the starting points of your hikes! Good to know: The Bike&Hike tours in the region are particularly environmentally friendly. You’ll cover the first part of the route on two wheels before you continue your adventures on foot.

Length in km
Duration in h
Elevation gain/loss
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Accessible by public transport
Ernst und Luise  von der Moaralm | Weges OG | © Weges OG
Murtal medium
Route 14,4 km
Duration 6:00 h

Griesmoarkogel - Himmeleck - Himmelkogel

Accessible by public transport
Riesach Lake in the Untertal valley, Rohrmoos | Herbert Raffalt | © Tourismusverband Schladming - Herbert Raffalt
Spital am Semmering challenging Open
Route 311,8 km
Duration 120:00 h

Central Alpine Trail 02 through Styria

Accessible by public transport
Start beim Alpengasthof Bodenbauer | Tom Lamm | © Steiermark Tourismus
Hochsteiermark medium
Route 4,9 km
Duration 2:15 h

Vom Bodenbauer zum Sackwiesensee

Accessible by public transport
Symbol für den Rittersteig am Ortsbeginn von Kammern | Weges OG | © Weges OG
Erzberg Leoben medium
Route 8,7 km
Duration 3:30 h


Accessible by public transport
Sonnschien Schutzhaus | Karina Tiefenbacher | © D. Hindler
Tragöß-Sankt Katharein medium
Route 19,3 km
Duration 6:36 h

Vom Grünen See auf die Sonnschien

Accessible by public transport
Aussenbereich | Freilichtmomente | © GenussReich
Leoben easy
Route 9,3 km
Duration 2:23 h

Stadlmaier Alm - excursion pasture in Leoben

Accessible by public transport
10. Etappe Styrian Iron Trail - Von Niklasdorf über die Mugel nach Leoben | © wegesaktiv
Erzberg Leoben medium Open
Route 19,4 km
Duration 7:00 h

Styrian Iron Trail - 10. Etappe Niklasdorf - Leoben

Accessible by public transport
Leobner Hütte | Michael Rene Oberhofer | © Tourismusverband ERZBERG LEOBEN
Erzberg Leoben medium
Route 2,8 km
Duration 1:15 h

Leobner Hütte

Accessible by public transport
naturlehrpfad schichtturm_img_3516565 | Ute Gurdet | © Hermann Butter
Eisenerz easy
Route 3,1 km
Duration 0:35 h

Nature trail Schichtturm

Accessible by public transport
Am Leopoldsteinersee | Michael Weberberger | © Steiermark Tourismus/Michael Weberberger
Eisenerz medium Open
Route 20,9 km
Duration 8:00 h

Stage 13 From Glacier to Wine North Route Eisenerz - Hochschwab Sonnscheinalm

Accessible by public transport
Count Meran House | Ute Gurdet | © TV Hochsteiermark
Mariazell challenging Open
Route 257,5 km
Duration 90:00 h

North South Long Distance Trail 05 through Styria

Accessible by public transport
Gößeck - Gipfel | TV ERZBERG LEOBEN | © TV Hochsteiermark
Erzberg Leoben challenging
Route 11,0 km
Duration 6:02 h

Reiting - the mountain of flowers

Accessible by public transport
Styrian Iron Trail | © wegesaktiv
Erzberg Leoben medium
Route 205,3 km
Duration 70:00 h

Styrian Iron Trail - Gesamttour 10 Etappen

Accessible by public transport
Himmeleck | Weges OG | © Weges OG
Murtal medium
Route 13,8 km
Duration 6:30 h

Himmeleck - Hintertriebental

Accessible by public transport
Ausblick auf die Werksanlage der voest alpine Donawitz | Claudia Shane | © Anton Hirschmann
Leoben medium
Route 11,8 km
Duration 3:30 h

Lowland valley round Leoben

Accessible by public transport
Start in St. Lambrecht | Steiermark Tourismus/Schiffer | © Steiermark Tourismus/Schiffer
Sankt Lambrecht challenging Open
Route 189,2 km
Duration 67:00 h

Mariazeller Gründerweg St. Lambrecht - Mariazell

111 Results

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