A special kind of school trip

Self-catering project weeks in Styria

Exciting hiking and climbing adventures or fascinating museum and theatre workshops: Styria is jam-packed with adventures. To make your stay even more adventurous, why not stay at a self-catering mountain hut or a campsite? Students can learn how to prepare their own meals there – and spend an unforgettable time with their classmates.

Young Styria is happy to help you with the planning, supporting you with booking your accommodation and picking the best activities and attractions.

DIY holiday cuisine

During a self-catering trip, your students will learn how to prepare delicious, healthy meals and boost their team spirit. No wonder that these kinds of trips are becoming more and more popular! Cooking involves various tasks that students can learn how to master during their project week:

  • drawing up menus
  • creating and trying new recipes
  • food shopping
  • preparing meals
  • cleaning the kitchen

Young Styria tip: You can find regular farmers’ markets and farm shops in Styria’s cities and villages. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy fresh fruit and vegetables as well as other regional products there together with your students!

Self-catering accommodation in Styria

Styria boasts a vast choice of self-catering accommodation options for school groups:

  • The kitchens of the apartments and holiday flats at Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Park are perfectly equipped, offering everything you need to prepare delicious meals.
  • The campsite at Pürcherhof features BBQ stations and designated campfire places that are just perfect for preparing meals with your classmates. 
  • Clubhaus Edelweiß at Erzberg Alpin Resort boasts a spacious living area with a kitchen and separate dining area for school groups.

A special mission for adventurous school groups: At “Waldläufercamp”, students face a special challenge: Right at the heart of Gesäuse National Park, they can prepare their own meals and spend the night under starry skies. And that’s not all: Smartphones and smartwatches stay down in the valley – because there’s no electricity on the outdoor camp!

Are you interested in booking a self-catering accommodation? Simply send us an enquiry! We’ll get back to you shortly with detailed information and contacts!

4 tips for preparing a self-catering school trip

If you opt for a self-catering project week, you should not only plan your activities – but also your meals! Young Styria has compiled a few useful tips for preparing your self-catering trip:

1. Choose recipes and write shopping lists

Being organised makes life much easier – and the same is true for planning your self-catering project week. Draw up a weekly menu in advance and let the students have their say in it.

When it comes to calculating the amount of food you will need for the week, your students can even put their mathematical skills to the test!

2. Check the kitchen utensils you will need

Make sure to check in advance if the preparation of your chosen dishes requires special kitchen equipment. If so, you can discuss it with the host of your accommodation.

3. Draw up kitchen teams

While some kids enjoy chopping vegetables, others prefer stirring sauces or setting the table. By drawing up kitchen teams, everyone gets to do the job they enjoy the most.

It’s all about variety: Who says that teams have to remain the same throughout the entire stay? Rotate tasks and make sure to swap teams to ensure that everyone gets the full experience.

4. Make it an experience

“Come dine with me”, “The Great British Bake Off” or “MasterChef”: Cooking television shows are fun to watch and turn cooking into an experience. And what works on TV, might also spice up your project week in Styria! Why not vote for the best cook after every meal? Your students will love the challenge and enjoy preparing their food even more!

School trips to remember

Whether it’s the region’s spectacular nature or the cultural variety: Project weeks in Styria are an experience to remember. So how about creating a photo album or recipe book to remember your self-catering trip by?

Wanderstillleben in Waisenegg mit Steiermark-Wanderschuh von Dachstein (Oststeiermark) | © Steiermark Tourismus / Julia Maierhofer | Steirische Tourismus GmbH

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