Der Rappoldkogel, 1928 m | © Weges OG Der Rappoldkogel, 1928 m | © Weges OG

Snowshoe tour from the Salzstiegelhaus to the Rappoldkogel

A summit snowshoe hike in the heart of the Stubalpe in the Murtal adventure region to the 1928 m high Rappoldkogel.
The starting point of this snowshoe hike is familiar to many winter sports enthusiasts, the Salzstiegelhaus on the Hirschegger Sattel. Around 1900, there was a small self-catering hut here, which later served as a rest stop for changing horses on the salt transports from the Salzkammergut to the south. Today, the inn is considered a popular stop for all snowshoe hikers, skiers, cross-country skiers or sledders, so especially on beautiful winter days you will see a lot of activity around the parking lot of the Salzstiegelhaus. The first part of the tour leads us along the Weitwanderweg 05 (north-south long-distance hiking trail) in the direction of the Altes Almhaus. On the easy path, be aware of the avalanche danger of the Rappoldrinne - signs along the way. The ascent to the broad summit area of the Rappoldkogel is somewhat steeper in between, otherwise moderately ascending and convinces with a wonderful view. Basically we recommend the way back via the ascent route, as the descent via the hiking trail to the west is partly quite steep and is reserved for experienced snowshoe hikers only.



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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
9,0 km
4:00 h
380 hm
380 hm
1928 m
Highest point
1543 m
Lowest point

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Von St. Michael in Obersteiermark über die Murtal Schnellstraße S36 (vignettenpflichtig) nach Zeltweg (30 km, ca. 25 Minuten) und weiter über Großfeistritz zum Salzstiegelhaus (insg. 52 km, ca. 50 Minuten).


Von Graz über die Autobahn A2 nach Modriach und L344 über Hirschegg zum Salzstiegelhaus (76 km, ca. 85 Minuten)


Mit dem Auto zum Schneeschuhwandern – ein paar Dinge, auf die man achten sollte!

  • Gute Winterreifen sind ein absolutes MUSS!
  • Eiskratzer, Schneebesen, Enteiser für die Türschlösser und eine kleine Schaufel gehören zur Grundausstattung.
  • Schneeketten und ein Abschleppseil ins Auto geben, auch wenn man selbst nicht gut damit umgehen kann. Helfende und fachkundige Wanderer gibt es am Berg immer!
  • Das Auto von Schnee und Eis ganz befreien, vor allem das Autodach ganz abkehren.
  • Beim Parken darauf achten, dass man auch anderen Autofahrern Platz lässt.
  • Immer so parken, dass die restliche Fahrbahn für Autos, Holz-Lastkraftwagen und Räumfahrzeuge frei bleibt.
  • Sich vor der Anfahrt über die Schneesituation auf der Zufahrtsstraße bzw. bei den Parkmöglichkeiten informieren. (Hüttenwirt, Webcams)
At the parking lot Salzstiegelhaus (1), 1543 m, we go to the other side of the road and see there the entrance to the hiking trail. We follow the yellow signs with the inscription "Altes Almhaus" No. 505. It goes slightly uphill through a piece of forest until we reach the open alpine pastures. From now on, we always orient ourselves along the forest road in the direction of the Altes Almhaus, whereby the path is easy to recognize even in winter. It goes continuously uphill and after about 2 km we come to the information boards (2), 1597 m, avalanche danger Rappoldrinne. From here we continue for about 1 km along the forest road or the cross-country ski trail until we come to a crossroads (3), 1615 m. The crossroads can be recognized by the fact that the road continues to the right to the Alte Almhaus and we now continue slightly uphill to the left. We stay on the road, which after a short time leads slightly downhill to a small depression. Here we keep to the right towards the forest and see the hiking trail and the red-white-red markings on the trees. From now on the path goes uphill through the forest, in between a little steeper, so that the ascending aid with the snowshoes comes into use. The path through the forest is very well marked and also easy to find due to mostly numerous tracks. At the forest border we then reach a small saddle (4), 1762 m. From here on we are in a protected landscape area (information board) and orient ourselves in the middle of the wide ridge in front of us, which leads to the summit cross (do not go too far to the right, as snowdrifts are possible). At the summit cross of the Rappoldkogel (5), 1928 m, a very beautiful view opens up into Upper Styria, with the Judenburg-Knittelfeld basin (Aichfeld) lying to the northwest. From here we can also see the snowshoe tour to the Speikkogel, which lies to the southwest. The way back is via the ascent route.

Variant: the descent via the summer trail to the west is partly steep and reserved for experienced snowshoe hikers only.

If you like the area around the Hirschegger Sattel, you can also hike from the Salzstiegelhaus to the Speikkogel (1993 m) in the west.
There is no public transport connection to the starting point of the tour.

General information about public transport in the region:


Murtal Taxi, Tel.: +43 660 1018101, 8740 Zeltweg,

Cab Jäger, Tel.: +43 3512 44833, 8720 Knittelfeld

Cab Steiner, Tel.: +43 3512 71718, 8720 Knittelfeld

There are numerous parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the Salzstiegelhaus.
Salzstiegelhaus, Tel.: +43 3141 2248, 8741 Weißkirchen, Kothgraben 3,

Almwirtshaus Altes Almhaus, Tel.: +43 3147 212, 8591 Maria Lankowitz, Kemetberg 60,

Gasthof Moasterhaus, Tel.: +43 3141 2160, 8584 Hirschegg, Hirschegg 241,


What the weather will be like

Hirschegg-Pack (896m)

10 km/h
10 km/h
10 km/h
Rather cloudy in the morning, then sunny spells will develop gradually.
5 km/h
5 km/h
10 km/h
Sunny and cloudy periods will alternate throughout the day.
-12°C -2°C
-11°C -3°C
-10°C -2°C

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