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Nature discovery places in Ausseerland

Collecting beautiful moments can be easy: In Ausseerland Salzkammergut, happiness is omnipresent. Here are over 200 lucky places proven by Geomancers, homeland researchers and native ones though. Divided into natural, cultural, sacred and legendary places, each place is an experience itself. 

But what makes these places unique? It's simple: they evoke special harmony in us, awaken pleasant memories and make visitors feel pleasant emotions and joy.

„In the midst of intact nature, visitors experience their own personal moment of happiness in Ausseerland.“
Places of happiness in the nature of Ausseerland

Nature experience places in Ausseerland



Cultural and sacral places in Ausseerland

Sacred places have often been used for many years by Christians for special occasions and sacred ceremonies. At these places there are usually churches, monasteries, chapels or wayside shrines and every now and then wedding ceremonies still take place here.

Especially monasteries or churches were often built on the ruins of Roman foundations. Thus, the knowledge about the power of some places was continuously passed on over the centuries and used for monuments.

Legendary places in the Ausseerland region

Mystical and healing waters like in Bad Heilbrunn or at the Kammersee, the talking stone in the Tote Gebirge and fairy-tale creatures like dwarfs and witches: Every place in Ausseerland Salzkammergut has its own story. With a little imagination, visitors can immerse themselves in a different world at the legendary places and make wonderful experiences.

Active vacation in Ausseerland