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Hiking in Ausseerland

Whether for a pleasure, lake, peak or art hike: Ausseerland Salzkammergut is a real hiker's paradise. Nature lovers meet each other with a friendly "Griaß enk". At the end of the hike, a toast to hiking happiness is occasionally offered with a home-distilled arolla pine spirit.

The paths lead across extensive, hilly landscapes and past idyllic lakes and mountains, from the Dachstein mountain range to the lake areas between Altaussee, Bad Aussee and Grundlsee. The Styrian Salzkammergut extends further over the "Totes Gebirge", Bad Mitterndorf to the Tauplitzalm. Everyone - from advanced hikers to those who are simply gourmet hikers - will find their own personal place of happiness.

Hiking tours through Ausseerland Salzkammergut

Numerous hiking trails and places, short and long distances, restaurants, huts and traditional places can be discovered by hiking in the Ausseerland-Salzkammergut.

Five comfortable hikes: from Altaussee to Tauplitz

1: Burgruine Pflindsberg

The hike to the lucky spot at the "Pflindsberg" castle ruins is a well-rounded experience. Once there, hikers enjoy a fantastic view over the picturesque villages of Altaussee and Bad Aussee.

2: From Bad Aussee to the alpine garden 

Those with a preference for plants are on the right track with the hike from Bad Aussee to the Alpine garden. Over 2,000 different alpine plants, perennials, woody plants and rarities from all over the world grow there on 12,000 square metres.

3: Hiking at the Grundlsee

On the wonderful hike at the Grundlsee, you walk, for the most part, along the lakeside promenade to Gößl. The return trip by boat to the starting point, "Seeklause", is the crowning finale to this pleasant day of hiking.

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4: Kainisch to the "Stieger" snack station

Animal lovers hike from Kainisch to the "Stieger" snack station. Step by step, the anticipation of the petting zoo at the end of the hike increases, especially among the little companions. Donkeys, pigs, rabbits, sheep and guinea pigs are happy to be petted.

5: 6-Seen-Wanderung auf 6-lake hike on the Tauplitzalm

A hike worth seeing and at the same time rich of lakes is the 6-lake hike on the Tauplitzalm. Six lakes in all - Krallersee, Großsee, Märchensee, Tauplitzsee, Steirersee and Schwarzensee - are visited by summer recreationists on this leisurely tour.

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Multifaceted hiking on the mountain-lake -trail

Would you like to discover 35 lakes and three provinces on one trail? The mountain-lake-trail" through the Salzkammergut makes it possible. The trail is characterised by the diversity of nature and all its shapes and colours. Hikers choose for themselves whether they want to cover the trail in individual stages, or as a long-distance trail. One thing is clear in any case: the journey is worth it!

The Ausseerland is also part of this hiking experience. From "Koppental" the trail leads to Lake Ödensee to Bad Mitterndorf and up to the Tauplitzalm. The hike continues from Lake Grundlsee to the "Totes Gebirge" and Lake "Offensee" or "Almsee".

Hiking for culture lovers

Art and culture have always found fertile ground in the Ausseerland Salzkammergut region. Creative minds hike along the Via Artis artists' trails in the footsteps of the creative powers. Works by painters, sculptors, musicians, composers, poets and writers of the region line the Via Artis hiking trails in Ausseerland-Salzkammergut.

Guided hikes in Ausseerland

Hiking connects - on guided tours you can explore nature together. Experienced hiking guides take visitors to the most beautiful places in Ausseerland.

Nature discovery sites in Ausseerland-Salzkammergut

Happiness can be hiked! This is proven by the nature experience places in Ausseerland. The lucky places impress with their extraordinary scenic character, as an interesting river course or an ancient tree for example.

Hiking holiday in Ausseerland Salzkammergut

No place would be better suited to indulge your passion for hiking than the picturesque Ausseerland. New places and natural spectacles can be explored every day. Whether the mystical "Laasenweg" through misty meadows or the Way of the Cross to the eternal pilgrimage site - "the Kumitzberg" - all impress by their own.